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fs = require 'fs'
fd = require 'path'
{spawn} = require 'child_process'
cs = require 'coffee-script'
strata = require 'strata'
optimist = require 'optimist'
UglifyJS = require 'uglify-js'
Template = require './template'
ansi = require './ansi'
argv = optimist.usage([
' usage: astrojs COMMAND',
' new create a new astrojs project template',
' class generate a class template and associated test template',
' server start a local development server',
' build build the module (this is an alias for `cake build`)'
.alias('p', 'port')
.alias('m', 'minify')
help = ->
class AstroJS
@exec: (command) ->
(new @).exec(command)
@expandPath: (path, dir) ->
path = dir + path if fd.basename(path) is path
fd.normalize path
@camelize: (str) ->
str.replace(/-|_+(.)?/g, (match, chr) ->
(if chr then chr.toUpperCase() else "")
).replace /^(.)?/, (match, chr) ->
(if chr then chr.toUpperCase() else "")
# Check if in project directory
@inProjectDirectory: ->
files = ['index.js', 'package.json', 'src', 'lib']
root = process.cwd()
for f in files
unless fs.existsSync(fd.join(root, f))
console.log ansi('\tastrojs must be run from within a project directory', 'red')
return false
return true
# Get the project name from package.json. It is assumed this function is called from a project
# directory.
@getProjectName: ->
packagePath = fd.join(process.cwd(), "package")
metadata = require(packagePath)
return metadata["name"]
@getDependencies: ->
metadata = require(packagePath)
# Generate a new project template
new: (name) ->
template = __dirname + "/../templates/module"
values =
name: AstroJS.camelize fd.basename(name)
name = fd.normalize(name)
# Create parent dir
throw (name + " already exists") if fs.existsSync(name)
fs.mkdirSync name, 0o0775
(new Template(template, name, values)).write()
# Rename to the package name
main = fd.join(name, "src", "")
proj = fd.join(name, "src", + ".coffee")
fs.rename main, proj
klass: (name) ->
template = fd.join(__dirname, '..', 'templates', '')
project = AstroJS.getProjectName()
values =
name: AstroJS.camelize(fd.basename(name))
project: project
path = fd.join('src', "#{name}.coffee")
(new Template(template, path, values)).write()
@klassSpec(project, name)
klassSpec: (project, name) ->
return unless fs.existsSync(fd.join('test', 'specs'))
template = fd.join(__dirname, '..', 'templates', '')
values =
name: AstroJS.camelize(fd.basename(name))
project: project
path = fd.join('test', 'specs', "#{name}.coffee")
(new Template(template, path, values)).write()
# Spin up a local server for testing
server: =>
name = AstroJS.getProjectName()
curdir = process.cwd()
port = if argv['port']? then argv['port'] else 8000
minify = if argv['minify']? then true else false
root = process.cwd()
pkg = require fd.join(root, 'package.json')
console.log ansi("Running astrojs 0.1.3", 'yellow')
# Strata web server
strata.use strata.commonLogger
strata.use strata.contentType, 'text/html'
strata.use strata.contentLength
strata.use strata.file, curdir
# Build the library on request
strata.get '/module.js', (env, callback) =>
unless pkg['_dependencyOrder']?
process.stderr.write "ERROR: The dependency order must be specified in package.json\n"
order = pkg['_dependencyOrder']
coffeeSource = ""
for dep in order
currentFile = fd.join(root, 'src', "#{dep}.coffee")
coffeeSource += fs.readFileSync(currentFile)
coffeeSource += "\n"
source = cs.compile(coffeeSource)
# Minify code if flag is specified
if minify
opts =
fromString: true
mangle: true
result = UglifyJS.minify(source, opts)
source = result.code
callback 200,
"Content-Type": "text/javascript"
, source
# Build the specs on request
strata.get '/specs.js', (env, callback) ->
# Concatenate coffeescript specs
coffeeSource = ""
files = fs.readdirSync(fd.join('test', 'specs'))
for f in files
continue unless f.match /\.coffee$/i
currentFile = fd.join('test', 'specs', f)
coffeeSource += fs.readFileSync(currentFile)
# Compile coffeescript
source = cs.compile(coffeeSource)
callback 200,
"Content-Type": "text/javascript"
, source
# Server defaults to test directory
strata.use strata.file, './test', ['SpecRunner.html']
port: port
# Build the project
build: -> spawn 'cake', ['build']
exec: (command = argv._[0]) ->
name = argv._[1]
switch command
when 'new'
help() unless name
when 'class'
help() unless name
when 'server'
when 'build'
when 'docs'
module.exports = AstroJS