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Fink Science

This repository contains science modules used to generate added values to alert collected by the Fink broker. It currently contains:

Source Field in Fink alerts Type Contents
fink_science/xmatch cdsxmatch++ string Counterpart (cross-match) from any CDS catalog or database using the CDS xmatch service. Contains also crossmatch to the General Catalog of Variable Stars and the International Variable Star Index (not yet deployed)
fink_science/random_forest_snia rf_snia_vs_nonia float Probability to be a rising SNe Ia based on Random Forest classifier (1 is SN Ia). Based on
fink_science/snn snn_snia_vs_nonia float Probability to be a SNe Ia based on SuperNNova classifier (1 is SN Ia). Based on
fink_science/snn snn_sn_vs_all float Probability to be a SNe based on SuperNNova classifier (1 is SNe). Based on
fink_science/microlensing mulens float Probability score to be a microlensing event by LIA
fink_science/asteroids roid int Determine if the alert is a Solar System object
fink_science/kilonova rf_kn_vs_nonkn float probability of an alert to be a kilonova using a Random Forest Classifier (binary classification).
fink_science/nalerthist nalerthist int Number of detections contained in each alert (current+history). Upper limits are not taken into account.
fink_science/ad_features lc_* dict[int, array] Numerous light curve features used in astrophysics.

You will find README in each subfolder describing the module.

How to contribute

Learn how to design your science module, and integrate it inside the Fink broker.


If you want to install the package (broker deployment), you can just pip it:

pip install fink_science