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.NET client to consume Astrology APIs


Click on the link to download the demo project of Vedic Rishi .Net Client.
Start your download from here
-Replace userId and apiKey with your id and keys respectively.
-Downloaded project require .Net framework 4.0 or above.

Where to get API Key

You can visit to get the astrology API key to be used for your websites or mobile applications.

How To Use

  1. Create your web application on .Net Framework 4.0 or above.

  2. Copy & paste App_code and Bin folder to your project.

  3. Instantiate VedicRishiNetClient class as follows -

    var client = new VedicRishiNetClient(userid, apiKey);

    Replace userId and apiKey with your id and keys respectively. You can get the API key details from

  4. Call the api

    var response = client.makeRequest(apiEndPoint, requestData);

    View App_Code/ApiCall.cs for more details about calling APIs

  5. How to Format request json data and api endpoint

    Dictionary<string, string> reqObject = new Dictionary<string, string>();
    reqObject.Add("day", 1);
    reqObject.Add("month", 10);
    reqObject.Add("year", 1990);
    reqObject.Add("hour", 9);
    reqObject.Add("min", 21);
    reqObject.Add("lat", 19.206);
    reqObject.Add("lon", 72.80);
    reqObject.Add("tzone", 5.5);
    //Request Birth Detail.
    string requestData = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(reqObject);
    // Requested Api End Point . Replace end point to call other api
    string apiEndPoint = @"birth_details/";

    View Default.aspx.cs for more details on how to parse request and response data.

  6. The response will be a JSON encoded data returned as an API response. Eg. for /birth_details/ api -

  7. How to parse the response json

     // Converting rturn data into json object
    var convertObj = JObject.Parse(res);
    // Display the data where you want
    var day = (string)convertObj.SelectToken("day");
    var month = (string)convertObj.SelectToken("month");
    var year = (string)convertObj.SelectToken("year");
    var hour = (string)convertObj.SelectToken("hour");
    var minute = (string)convertObj.SelectToken("minute");
    var latitude = (string)convertObj.SelectToken("latitude");
    var longitude = (string)convertObj.SelectToken("longitude");
    var timezone = (string)convertObj.SelectToken("timezone");
    var sunrise = (string)convertObj.SelectToken("sunrise");
    var sunset = (string)convertObj.SelectToken("sunset");
    var ayanamsha = (string)convertObj.SelectToken("ayanamsha");

    For API documentation, visit -


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