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This is Ruby client to consume Astrology APIs

Where to get API Key

You can visit to get the astrology API key to be used for your websites or mobile applications.

How to Use

  1. Copy sdk.rb class file to your local or server file system

  2. Instantiate VRClient class as follows -

    clientInstance =, apiKey)

    Replace userID and apiKey with your id and keys respectively. You can get the API key details from

  3. Call the api

    response =, date, month, year, hour, min, lat, lon, tzone)

    View test.rb for more details about calling APIs.

  4. The response will be a JSON encoded data returned as an API response. Eg. for /planets/ api -

  5. For calling numerological api, call method name numeroCall() as follows -

        response = clientInstance.numeroCall(apiName, date, month, year, name)

    Only date, month and year along with name is required for numerological calculations. Run the numerology.rb file to test numerological APIs.

  6. For match making horoscope calculations and report analysis, please use matchMakingCall() method as follows -

            response = clientInstance.matchMakingCall(resource, maleBirthData, femaleBirthData)
    		/where  maleBirthData and femaleBirthData is mapped as follows -
    		                    femaleData = {
    		                        'date'=> 9,
    		                        'month'=> 12,
    		                        'year'=> 1990,
    		                        'hour'=> 12,
    		                        'minute'=> 56,
    		                        'latitude'=> 25.123,
    		                        'longitude'=> 82.34,
    		                        'timezone'=> 5.5
    		                    maleData = {
    		                        'date'=> 25,
    		                        'month'=> 12,
    		                        'year'=> 1988,
    		                        'hour'=> 4,
    		                        'minute'=> 0,
    		                        'latitude'=> 25.123,
    		                        'longitude'=> 82.34,
    		                        'timezone'=> 5.5
    		Run matchmaking.rb file to run Vedic Rishi Match Making APIs.
    		For API documentation, visit -


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