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# Anemone3DS

A Theme and Splashscreen Manager for the Nintendo 3DS, written in C.\


  • devkitARM, which can be installed following the instructions here.
  • jansson, libvorbisidec, libpng, and libarchive, which can be retrieved from devkitPro pacman.
  • A recent build of makerom and the latest release of bannertool. These must be added to your PATH.


First of all, make sure devkitARM is properly installed - $DEVKITPRO and $DEVKITARM should be set to /opt/devkitpro and $DEVKITPRO/devkitARM, respectively.
After that, open the directory you want to clone the repo into, and execute
git clone (or any other cloning method).
To install the prerequisite libraries, begin by ensuring devkitPro pacman (and the base install group, 3ds-dev) is installed, and then install the dkP packages 3ds-jansson, 3ds-libvorbisidec, 3ds-libpng, and 3ds-libarchive using [sudo] [dkp-]pacman -S <package-name>.

After adding makerom and bannertool to your PATH, just enter your directory and run make. All built binaries will be in /out/.


This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3. See for details. Additional terms 7b and 7c apply to this project.


The following people contributed to Anemone3DS in some way. Without these people, Anemone3DS wouldn't exist, or wouldn't be as good as it is:

Most of the icons under romfs are from the site and are licensed under the CC-BY-NC-SA

Special thanks go to these people who, whilst not directly contributing, helped immensely:

  • Rinnegatamante, whose code served as reference on theme installation.

  • SteveIce10, whose QR code in FBI was essential.

  • BernardoGiordano for making pp2d, and being super responsive to feature requests and just general help.

  • yellows8 for his home menu extdump tool, which was invaluable in debugging.

  • the folks on #dev of Nintendo Homebrew, who helped with unicode shenanigans (especially Stary2001, Fenrir, and DanielKO).

  • the maintainers for all used libraries, including but not limited to ctrulib, zlib, citro3d, pp2d, and quirc.

  • all the people who helped keep me going and motivated me to work. This includes, but is definitely not limited to: