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@astronautlevel2 astronautlevel2 released this Aug 20, 2018 · 1 commit to master since this release

Beta release of v2.1.0.

The main purpose of this beta is to test the compatibility of the new QR code scanner as much as possible before the v2.1.0 release. Full change-log below:


  • Changed Title ID to not conflict with a game - this means you'll have to uninstall the old version of Anemone3DS after updating to v2.1.0.

  • Fixed various bugs caused by an outdated libarchive version.

  • Fixed various bugs related to previous caused by lodepng by switching to libpng.

  • Fixed race condition in icon scrolling.

  • Fixed screen tearing in the QR reader.

  • Fixed bug caused by playing music even when there was no theme preview.

  • Fixed it being possible to try to preview themes/splashes even when there were no themes or splashes.

  • Fixed bug caused by attempting to play audio when dspfirm wasn't dumped.

  • Fixed bug caused by attempting to install BGM for shuffle themes even when there was none.

  • Fixed various bugs caused by not properly zeroing out files when creating them.

  • Properly update the installed splash.


  • Huge improvements to the QR code reader's speed. This is likely the fastest/smoothest it can possibly be (it's now on-par with QRaken and FBI) thanks to a combination of improved multithreading and switching graphics libraries.

  • Speaking of switching graphics libraries, we've completely switched from pp2d to citro2d! This allowed us to get the QR code reader substantially faster, as well as guarantees full support for the library in the future. Huge thanks to LiquidFenrir for doing most of the work of the change.

  • Switch to using spritesheets to load the sprites rather than just loading them all into the romfs.

  • Don't wait for audio to finish loading before displaying the preview image, making previews display in the snappy fashion they used to before the audio player.

  • Improved banner quality. Thanks to @TurdPooCharger for this!

QR To Download:
qrcode 45994420

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@astronautlevel2 astronautlevel2 released this May 13, 2018 · 15 commits to master since this release

A number of bugs were introduced in v2.0.0. This release focuses on solving those bugs and also adding a few miscellaneous features.


  • Fix use after free in the QR reader which could cause crashes

  • Fix bug not letting you start the QR reader after previewing a theme

  • Fix a number of crashes related to BGM preview

  • Disable home button to prevent issues with themes not being properly applied (instead press START and then HOME to ensure everything is saved properly)

New/changed features:

  • You can now choose specific themes to not have BGM when doing a shuffle install (press B twice on the theme when queueing)

  • No-BGM install has had its behaviour changed. No-BGM now makes the BGM silent. Use BGM-Only install to replicate the old behaviour of No-BGM.

  • Loading bar added when downloading themes (either from browser or QR) and when doing the initial load.

QR Code to install:


EDIT: I may or may not have uploaded the wrong file. If you downloaded it before 10:06 EST, please download it again or the BGM preview will sound awful.

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@astronautlevel2 astronautlevel2 released this May 10, 2018 · 29 commits to master since this release

Hey everyone!

It's been a bit since our last stable release. We took your feedback from the 2.0.0 alpha and combined it with a bunch of new features we were working on to create perhaps one of the biggest single updates in Anemone3DS history. Thanks to all who were involved in the alpha for their feedback!

Without further ado, here's the TL;DR of the updates:

  • ThemePlaza Browser

  • BGM Preview

  • Shuffle BGM bug fixed

And now, here are the full feature updates:

  • Added a new ThemePlaza browser! Browse ThemePlaza straight from your 3DS, no more need to use QR codes or FTP to transfer themes! (For those of you who used 2.0.0a, the browser is now substantially faster after the first load thanks to caching)

  • BGM Preview functionality added. When you preview a theme, it automatically plays the BGM as well. Works in the ThemePlaza browser too!

  • QR scanner now automatically detects whether what you're downloading is a theme or a splash and puts it in the right place.

  • You can now change how themes are sorted!

  • Some slight UX changes, make sure to look at the top screen to know what they are and how they work!

Full bugfixes:

  • Finally fixed the shuffle theme BGM loop bug. Now you can listen to the BGM as many times as you want when you shuffle themes!

  • Solved a rare, but important, home menu bug that caused the console to crash when the cursor was moved to Anemone.

  • Doesn't show a blank screen when there are no splashes anymore.

  • Fixed an edge case bug that caused some zips to not extract properly by switching from minizip to libarchive.

  • Fixed scrolling bug.

  • Fixed shuffle theme install accidentally breaking theme extdata in some extremely rare cases.

  • Warn people who are using *Hax entrypoints that QR code scanning may not work.

QR Code to install:
QR Code


  • LiquidFenrir, for being the absolute best and the main developer of the ThemePlaza browser as well as various bugfixes and other features.

  • FrozenFire, for creating the new logo which fixes the home menu crash.

  • All of the testers who reported bugs and improvements.

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@astronautlevel2 astronautlevel2 released this Apr 3, 2018 · 43 commits to master since this release

Pretty big changes are here! Rather than hold them back because they're untested, we'd rather get a large amount of people testing them. There's no way that this is completely bug-free, so if you encounter any bugs please report them!

Thanks to @LiquidFenrir for pretty much everything in this release.

New things:

  • An assortment of bug fixes
  • Switch from minizip to libarchive in order to solve a few edge cases as well as allow the QR scanner to automatically detect whether something is a splash or a theme
  • Slight changes in the UI
  • Added a new ThemePlaza browser. This allows you to browse ThemePlaza directly from your console and download splashes and themes without ever leaving Anemone3DS!
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@astronautlevel2 astronautlevel2 released this Dec 31, 2017 · 52 commits to master since this release

Happy New Year to everyone! To celebrate going into 2018, we're releasing a new version of Anemone3DS with a lot of new features.

The changes are as follows (and it's a big one!):

  • Massive UI update - A now has multiple functions, combined with the D-pad - you can single, shuffle, BGM and no-BGM install from one sub-menu now! Additionally, there are now touchscreen controls - don't worry, we'll keep the buttons updated for those of you who want buttons, but if for some reason you want to only use the touchscreen now you can. (Thanks to @LiquidFenrir)
  • More updates to the QR scanner! It now can scan for QRs automatically without having to press any button!
  • Dynamically load themes! That means that even if you have a few thousand themes, Anemone should load relatively quickly, and should never crash. (Thanks to @LiquidFenrir)
  • Both themes and splashes are now sorted alphabetically - no more paging through all of your themes just to find one starting with '🅱️'. (Thanks to @Helloman892)
  • You can delete items from your SD now! No more feeling like a real hacker and looking through using FBI GM9 (!). (Thanks to @LiquidFenrir)
  • Fast-paging (using the Circle Pad left and right) works properly. At last, you madmen with a few hundred themes don't feel left out.
  • Scanning a QR that doesn't link to a ZIP file no longer crashes the app, and now just throws a warning. Which means you can go ahead and try to download other CIAs through Anemone's scanner all you like now, nothing will happen.
  • The app now tells you when you have too many/no themes selected when attempting to use shuffle - now you can select more than 10, and toggle off the ones you don't want - the feature you never knew you wanted.
  • When viewing the preview of an item that doesn't have one, Anemone would previously show the last one you viewed - no longer! You now receive a warning instead, telling you that there is no such preview. (Thanks to @LiquidFenrir)
  • START and SELECT finally got their own icons. About time. (Thanks to @Wizzrobes for these!)
  • A ton of bugfixes, for that Nintendo level stability... hopefully.
  • A whole host of grammatical and aesthetic changes, to make everything look nicer™️

Thanks to a ton of people for making this release possible. These people include, but are definitely not limited to:

  • LiquidFenrir, for the absolutely incredible work he did with the app recently. This release definitely wouldn't have been possible without him.
  • HM892/Helloman892, for miscellaneous feature improvements while I've been away (and for writing the original draft of this changelog!)
  • FrozenFire and kenn, for creating a brand new, shiny boot logo.
  • Steveice10, whose QR code in FBI served as the basis of the improvements for the QR scanner in this release.
  • And anyone else I may have forgotten to mention.

QR code to download:

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  • The app now checks that the device is connected to WiFi before attempting to download via QR code
  • In previous versions, downloading a QR whilst having shuffle themes selected would clear the list, but not reset the counter. This caused theme extdata corruption upon shuffle install
  • Malformed SMDH files should no longer cause bizarre descriptions (see below)
    • During testing we encountered a bug in the SMDH generation method used by The SMDH files it generates are improper when theme descriptions are too long - for example, in this theme, a part of the description field is overwritten by the author field. This will cause the author field to appear malformed in Anemone, but is not something that we can fix

download 3

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@astronautlevel2 astronautlevel2 released this Sep 10, 2017 · 104 commits to master since this release

New release, mostly bugfixes.

New features:

  • Improvements to QR reader; now much, much, faster.
  • Autodetection of whether splashes are enabled in the Luma configuration
  • /Themes/ and /Splashes/ folders are now automatically created if they don't exist at boot

Bug fixes:

  • Splashes now properly install when no splash is installed

download 2

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@astronautlevel2 astronautlevel2 released this Sep 9, 2017 · 111 commits to master since this release

This release mostly focuses on splashes, but also has some pretty other major improvements and bugfixes.

New Features:

  • Add support for info.smdh in splashes. What this allows you to do is include author, description, icon, and title data for the theme. Currently, only supports this functionality.
  • Add support for splashes being stored as zips rather than folders
  • Add support for splash previews
  • Add support for splash QR code installation. Once again, only supports this.

Bug fixes:

  • No more data aborts when there's no theme data
  • Console doesn't lock when scanning a QR code and now shows that it's properly downloading it
  • Unicode now properly works for themes downloaded via QR codes
  • Added message about how to exit QR reader.
  • Support for more than 252 themes (though it's still slow to load)

Recently, has been experiencing some downtime and failing to download themes properly. This, in addition to the new features in this release, make me fully recommend for your themes and splashes.

download 1

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@ZetaDesigns ZetaDesigns released this Sep 6, 2017 · 131 commits to master since this release

Some simple bugfixes, such as:

  • Not being able to install more than ten themes at once.
  • A dataabort when no BGM is present. (thanks @saibotu!)

(Minor) new features:

  • A version of the app is now displayed at the bottom.
  • The amount of shuffle themes selected is now being displayed.
  • Reduced general size. (thanks @GreatWizard).
  • A "Downloading..." text has been added when a QRCode is scanned.
  • Further improvements to overall application stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user's experience.


EDIT: if the version number looks bizarre, that's because it is. Just redownload to fix it!

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@astronautlevel2 astronautlevel2 released this Sep 4, 2017 · 159 commits to master since this release

Finally we have QR codes!

Full changelog:

  • Rebooting now works properly for 3dsx users, CIA users no longer need to reboot (Press START and then return to home)
  • Changed to a new battery logo (Thanks @ZetaDesigns!)
  • Added QR Codes! Press R to access the scanner.
  • Fast scroll if you hold down (Thanks to @joel16)


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