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This release mostly focuses on splashes, but also has some pretty other major improvements and bugfixes.

New Features:

  • Add support for info.smdh in splashes. What this allows you to do is include author, description, icon, and title data for the theme. Currently, only themeplaza.eu supports this functionality.
  • Add support for splashes being stored as zips rather than folders
  • Add support for splash previews
  • Add support for splash QR code installation. Once again, only themeplaza.eu supports this.

Bug fixes:

  • No more data aborts when there's no theme data
  • Console doesn't lock when scanning a QR code and now shows that it's properly downloading it
  • Unicode now properly works for themes downloaded via QR codes
  • Added message about how to exit QR reader.
  • Support for more than 252 themes (though it's still slow to load)

Recently, 3dsthem.es has been experiencing some downtime and failing to download themes properly. This, in addition to the new features in this release, make me fully recommend https://themeplaza.eu for your themes and splashes.

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