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Happy New Year to everyone! To celebrate going into 2018, we're releasing a new version of Anemone3DS with a lot of new features.

The changes are as follows (and it's a big one!):

  • Massive UI update - A now has multiple functions, combined with the D-pad - you can single, shuffle, BGM and no-BGM install from one sub-menu now! Additionally, there are now touchscreen controls - don't worry, we'll keep the buttons updated for those of you who want buttons, but if for some reason you want to only use the touchscreen now you can. (Thanks to @LiquidFenrir)
  • More updates to the QR scanner! It now can scan for QRs automatically without having to press any button!
  • Dynamically load themes! That means that even if you have a few thousand themes, Anemone should load relatively quickly, and should never crash. (Thanks to @LiquidFenrir)
  • Both themes and splashes are now sorted alphabetically - no more paging through all of your themes just to find one starting with '🅱️'. (Thanks to @Helloman892)
  • You can delete items from your SD now! No more feeling like a real hacker and looking through using FBI GM9 (!). (Thanks to @LiquidFenrir)
  • Fast-paging (using the Circle Pad left and right) works properly. At last, you madmen with a few hundred themes don't feel left out.
  • Scanning a QR that doesn't link to a ZIP file no longer crashes the app, and now just throws a warning. Which means you can go ahead and try to download other CIAs through Anemone's scanner all you like now, nothing will happen.
  • The app now tells you when you have too many/no themes selected when attempting to use shuffle - now you can select more than 10, and toggle off the ones you don't want - the feature you never knew you wanted.
  • When viewing the preview of an item that doesn't have one, Anemone would previously show the last one you viewed - no longer! You now receive a warning instead, telling you that there is no such preview. (Thanks to @LiquidFenrir)
  • START and SELECT finally got their own icons. About time. (Thanks to @Wizzrobes for these!)
  • A ton of bugfixes, for that Nintendo level stability... hopefully.
  • A whole host of grammatical and aesthetic changes, to make everything look nicer™️

Thanks to a ton of people for making this release possible. These people include, but are definitely not limited to:

  • LiquidFenrir, for the absolutely incredible work he did with the app recently. This release definitely wouldn't have been possible without him.
  • HM892/Helloman892, for miscellaneous feature improvements while I've been away (and for writing the original draft of this changelog!)
  • FrozenFire and kenn, for creating a brand new, shiny boot logo.
  • Steveice10, whose QR code in FBI served as the basis of the improvements for the QR scanner in this release.
  • And anyone else I may have forgotten to mention.

QR code to download: