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@astronautlevel2 astronautlevel2 released this May 13, 2018 · 35 commits to master since this release

A number of bugs were introduced in v2.0.0. This release focuses on solving those bugs and also adding a few miscellaneous features.


  • Fix use after free in the QR reader which could cause crashes

  • Fix bug not letting you start the QR reader after previewing a theme

  • Fix a number of crashes related to BGM preview

  • Disable home button to prevent issues with themes not being properly applied (instead press START and then HOME to ensure everything is saved properly)

New/changed features:

  • You can now choose specific themes to not have BGM when doing a shuffle install (press B twice on the theme when queueing)

  • No-BGM install has had its behaviour changed. No-BGM now makes the BGM silent. Use BGM-Only install to replicate the old behaviour of No-BGM.

  • Loading bar added when downloading themes (either from browser or QR) and when doing the initial load.

QR Code to install:


EDIT: I may or may not have uploaded the wrong file. If you downloaded it before 10:06 EST, please download it again or the BGM preview will sound awful.

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