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Anemone3DS Patchwork Update

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@Helloman892 Helloman892 released this 31 Jul 19:54

Sup gamers, just a patch release this time around. Of note this time around is that, if you have dumped official themes in the past, it didn't actually work - so you may have to scramble around and dump them again. Sorry about that.

In this patch

  • Dumping and then installing official themes caused a crash because the themes were never actually dumped; @LiquidFenrir patched it.
  • There were some problems with our audio thread, including not being joined back to the main thread on exit, causing bizarre crashes; that's been patched, again by @LiquidFenrir.
  • Some of you may have noticed that the error FS Error: ... would appear when downloading themes with certain special characters in them. That was my (@Helloman892's) fault in v2.3.0, and you know what's next: patched.
  • Somewhat related to the above, searching for special characters in the TP browser has been broken for a while. Patched.
  • There was another bug introduced in v2.3.0 as part of the networking overhaul; a useless-to-the-user 404 would be shown if a theme preview in the browser had no BGM. Patched.
  • The Theme Plaza browser should crash less where previews are involved, thanks to yet another patch from @LiquidFenrir, without whom this patch release wouldn't be happening.

That besides, sorry this took a while to come out, and especially sorry for so many of you thinking you needed to get a new SD card! I really should have made that error more descriptive...

And here's a download QR to use with FBI