Guides and docs to help you get up and running with Airflow and Astronomer
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Airflow Guides

A curated collection of guides to help with building specific ETL pipelines using Airflow.

These are stepwise instructions for using Astronomer and Apache Airflow, and use various repositories from the open-source Airflow Plugins Organization.

How to use this repo for contributions to

The Astronomer website uses the /guides directory in this repo as a CMS for it's "Airflow Guides" content. To add a new guide to that content, a .md file will need to be created inside the /guides repo with appropriate GitHub markdown formatting and some standardized front-matter. Until the Astronomer website is rebuilt, no changes to this repo will be reflected there. Also, only content from the /guides directory will be parsed and used - no other files or directories will affect the site.

Note: ONLY .md files may be added to the /guides directory - no subdirectories or other file-types may be used. The rest of the repo may include files and directories of any kind.

Building a new guide

  1. Duplicate an existing guide inside the /guides directory
  2. Update the file-name and front-matter, and pay close attention to formatting
  3. Make sure to use hyphen-seperated-case when naming your file and declaring your slug
  4. The filename and slug must match: i.e and slug: "astronomer-roadmap"
  5. Store all images (inline and hero) in the astronomer-cdn bucket on s3 in the /website/img/guides directory, and reference them using{filename}
  6. When the guide is finished, commit all changes to master
  7. Rebuild the Astronomer website using the How to deploy guides steps below

How to deploy guides

  1. All changes pushed to airflow-guides will trigger a webhook to rebuild
  2. To deploy to, publish a new release. We are starting at v1.0.0, using semantic versioning. This means, if you publish a new guide, bumb the 2nd number eg v1.1.0. If you have to edit a guide, bump the 3rd number v1.1.1.