GraphQL API for Astronomer
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Houston API

Houston API is the source of truth for the Astronomer Platform.

Product docs:

ENV Vars

NODE_ENV (default "development") - Current env setting (development or production)

PORT (default: 5001) - Port the server will run on

API_ENDPOINT_URL (default: "/v1") - Path for GQL query and mutations requests

WEBSOCKET_ENDPOINT_URL (default: "/ws") - Path for GQL subscription requests

PLAYGROUND_ENDPOINT_URL (default: "/playground") - URL for GQL Playground

HOUSTON_POSTGRES_URI - Connection URI for Postgres for Houston to use

AIRFLOW_POSTGRES_URI - Connection URI for Postgres connection deployments will use

DEBUG_DB (default: false) - Boolean to enable debug output for database operations

JWT_PASSPHRASE - Passphrase used to sign Astronomer Platform JWTs

REGISTRY_CERT_PATH - Path to the TLS certs also used by the registry, used for signing registry JWTs

REGISTRY_ISSUER (default: "houston") - The issuer user in the JWT created for registry auths, should map to TLS cert CN

REGISTRY_AUTH - JSON data containing a username/password to use that Kubernetes is configured to send with regsitry requests

REGISTRY_SERVICE (default: "docker-registry") - Service name for docker registry

HELM_GLOBAL_CONFIG - JSON global config data used in the astronomer platform install

HELM_ASTRO_REPO (default: - URL of helm chart to use for deployments

HELM_REPO_EDGE (default: false) - Boolean to enable RC builds of the helm chart

COMMANDER_HOST - Hostname of the Commander service

COMMANDER_PORT - Port of the Commander service

ORBIT_BASE_URL - Base URL to the Orbit UI, must include protocol, no trailing slash required

AUTH_STRATEGY (default: "local") - Enabled auth strategies, can be: local, auth0_oauth, google_oauth, or github_oauth

GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID - Google OAuth credential clientId

GITHUB_CLIENT_ID - Github OAuth credential clientId

AUTH0_CLIENT_ID - Auth0 OAuth credential clientId

AUTH0_BASE_DOMAIN - Auth0 base domain

AUTH0_EXTERNAL_LOGIN - Boolean flag if Auth0 external login form should be enabled (Required to use Auth0 connections other than Google and Github)


Creating migration files

Ensure Knex CLI is installed (npm install -g knex)

Run knex migrate:make [file suffix], and it will create a file in ./src/database/migrations


import/export is purposely avoided since it isn't currently natively support by NodeJS. At this point in time we are attempting to avoid needing to use babel

async/await is preferred over promise in all situations


When testing, you will first need to load up a test Postgres instance. The data is volatile, spinning down the docker container will clear it.

Run npm run test-db to launch the test Postgres, and test-db-down to turn it off/reset it

Once PostgreSQL is running npm run test can now be run.


When developing you will want to test your changes locally before pushing a change. You can do this by running docker-compose up from your root houston-api project directory. You will want to create a file named docker-compose.override.yaml. This override file will supply configurations for running the project locally. Example found below.

In some circumstances the API server will spin up before the Postgres dependency is ready. You can resolve this error by opening up and .js houston-api file, making a change and saving the file. This will trigger the API server to restart and look for the Postgres database again.

version: "2.1"


      AUTH0_EXTERNAL_LOGIN: "false"
      AUTH0_CUSTOM: "true"
      HELM_GLOBAL_CONFIG: "{\"baseDomain\":\"\",\"acme\":false,\"rbacEnabled\":true,\"releaseName\":\"release-name\",\"registrySecretName\":\"registry\"}"
      BASE_URL_ORBIT: ""


Currently celery workers in helm need a garbage collector sidecar pod. This pod will eventually go away when using elasticsearch for all the logs. However for now it has to be accounted for this when calculating quotas. This is hardcoded into the default cluster (./src/deployments/cluster.js) payload as workers.garbageCollector.cpu/memory and used in the manager when calculating quotas. This needs to be cleaned up when no longer needed.