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This is the source of my website.

I initially set this up during my college days(~2013) and much of the layout and styles haven't changed since then.

This site is built with lego, a Node.js based static site generator that I built for fun.

This site was originally built with Flask and I used Flask-Static-Compress to generate static files from the contents.

I wrote this originally in Flask as I was deeply involved with the Python community back then and I used to run several other apps with this. Much of those apps no longer exist.

At one point of time, this site and the associated apps were being served from AWS and I wrote a blog about the setup which you can read if you are interested.

I do a lot of experimentation with this site and some successful ones have been made as separate projects that you can check out on my GitHub profile. Some have even made it to my workplace :P

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