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Future developments by Simcado classes


  • include time-resolved jitter effects
  • include sub-pixel shifts for spectro-spatial effects for Vortex coronagraphy
  • instrument-internal emission (possibly requiring a different treatment of the global transmission/emission model) including emission from entrance window
  • List of transmissive elements (e.g. multiple dichroics currently not supported), directly accessible e.g. via a dictionary
  • Implement fixed ADCs (give residuals of the partial atmospheric dispersion correction as static input?)


  • Chopping and nodding (including chop-difference residuals?)

Other ideas

  • Use PySynphot to replace

More ideas from Ralf Siebenmorgen at CM06, May 2018

  • simulating drift scans and compare it with chop/nod
  • when possible please use naming of parameters as in the instrument dictionary of INS
  • we shall have more discussions on artefacts by the system (sky, telescope, instrument) that shall be considered or not in the simulator
  • I appreciate the use of the simulator for testing and verifying the science case performances (at least the major one and one use case per observing mode) also by MST
  • When possible and applicable please benchmark the new against the old (idl) simulator

Further things to think about

  • implementation of cold stop(s) in METIS
  • merge simcado and simmetis branches
  • atmospheric disperion and partial correction in METIS
  • more Aquarius noise properties (non-linear gain, correlated noise)