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TGG IRC Stats Creator

TISC is an IRC log parser and statistics generator. It feeds data into a CouchDB collection, and then uses a series of MapReduce queries to generate a statistics page.

It's written to be very configurable and pretty much query/template driven with a little bit of glue code.


  • CouchDB
  • couchdb-python
  • Genshi


  • init-couchdb initializes the CouchDB collection, setting up the views.
  • generate-files runs all the views, feeds results into the templates, and produces your files.
  • feed-tgglog downloads given days from the log file at and saves them to CouchDB. Note that downloading the same day multiple times won't cause duplication.
  • seed-tgglog runs feed-tgglog for all known days, basically initializing your database.

I'm basing the statistics to implement on


  1. Download and install dependencies
  2. Clone TISC's repository. See the top of the page.
  3. Check config.json, especially the destination directory.
  4. Run init-couchdb
  5. Run seed-tgglog. This will take a while.
  6. Run generate-files. This will take a long time while CouchDB generates the views.

You should then have statistics pages in your destination directory. By default, the only file generated is index.html.


TGG IRC Statistics Creator



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