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🍺 Homebrew formulae for various tools
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🍺 Homebrew formulae for various tools.


$ brew tap astropenguin/formulae
$ brew install <formula>

List of formulae

My tools

  • finder-cli: Command line interface for macOS to operate current Finder windows
  • naoj-open: Mini tool for macOS to connect naoj-open with the weekly key
  • rmsafe: Python tool to move files and/or directories to macOS Trash

Third party tools

  • am: Tool for radiative transfer computations at microwave to submillimeter wavelengths
  • enhancd: A next-generation cd command with an interactive filter
  • radex: Non-LTE molecular radiative transfer in homogeneous interstellar clouds
  • rpfits-binary: Library to access ATCA visibility data in RPFITS format (binary distribution)
  • hugo: The world’s fastest framework for building websites (v0.54).
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