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🐧 Example of IPython/Jupyter/matplotlib custom configs in a Pipenv's environment
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🐧 Example of managing IPython, Jupyter, matplotlib custom configs in a Pipenv's environment

This repository demonstrates how to manage custom IPython profile, Jupyter kernel, and matplotlib rc/style in a pipenv's environment using pipenv-analysis-configs. Pipenv and other virtual environment tools are useful to create an independent Python environment, however, they (of course) don't manage configs of third-party Python packages within the environment. pipenv-analysis-configs is series of shell scripts to create such configs within the environment, independent of default configs usually installed under your home directory. This repository makes use of pipenv-analysis-configs as a submodule (etc) to demonstrate the usage of it. It also hosts pipenv files (Pipfile, Pipfile.lock) as examples so that you can start to setup a Python environment for some data analysis.


This will create a Python 3.7 environment including IPython, Jupyter, NumPy, pandas, and matplotlib. It also create environment-tied IPython profile, Jupyter kernel, matplotlib rc/style in the project directory.

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd pipenv-analysis-startup
$ pipenv install
$ etc/configure


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