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This is a GitHub bot for the Astropy project that is based on baldrick and can be installed via GitHub integrations. The bot uses the following built-in plugins from baldrick:

  • Check for issues labeled as "Close?" that have become stale, and close them (with a warning period).

  • Check for pull requests that have become stale, and close them (with a warning period).

  • Check that pull requests are milestoned

and also defines a custom plugin that makes sure that the changelog is consistent with the milestone and the labels.

A large fraction of the functionality that used to be in astropy-bot has been generalized and moved to baldrick. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the baldrick documentation, and we only cover things specific to this bot/repository in the rest of this README.

Overall bot set-up

The astropy-bot app is set up on Heroku and is available at

For more details about how to set up a baldrick app on Heroku, see Setting up an app on Heroku, including the section on setting up the scheduled jobs for the stale issue/pull request checkers. and for details about creating the GitHub app, see Registering and installing a GitHub app.

For Astropy, the GitHub app for this bot is defined in the Astropy organization settings (not everyone will be able to see this).

Install the bot in a repository

Go to . Then, click on the big green "Install" button. You can choose to install the bot on all or select repositories under your account or organization. It is recommended to only install it for select repositories by start typing a repository name and let auto-completion do the hard work for you (repeat this once per repository). Once you are done, click "Install".

After a successful installation, you will be taken to a<installation-number> page. This page is also accessible from your account or organization settings in "Applications", specifically under "Installed GitHub Apps". You can change the installation settings by clicking the "Configure" button next to the listed app, if desired.

For Astropy, the app can be added to specific repositories under the Your installations tab, by clicking on the gearbox next to Astropy, which goes to this page (not everyone will be able to see this).


The default bot configuration for astropy-bot is given in the pyproject.toml file in this repository. To override these settings and/or enable additional plugins, you can create a pyproject.toml file in your repository with the following section:


See Available plugins and configuration for details of the configuration for the default baldrick plugins, including how to enable/disable plugins.

For the custom plugin which checks the changelog, the following options are available:

enabled = true
filename = "CHANGES.rst"

The plugin can be enabled/disabled using the enabled setting, and the filename setting should give the name of the changelog file (which defaults to CHANGES.rst).


This app requires Python 3.6 to run, and dependencies are listed in requirements.txt