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Astropy Sphinx Theme(s)

This is the repository for the default Astropy project documentation theme(s). To use this theme, simply install this package then add the following line to your documentation's file:

html_theme = 'bootstrap-astropy'

This requires Sphinx 1.6 or later to work properly. For older versions of Sphinx, you will need to do:

import astropy_sphinx_theme
html_theme_path = astropy_sphinx_theme.get_html_theme_path()
html_theme = 'bootstrap-astropy'

bootstrap-astropy is the only theme that is currently available, but the structure of the package allows more themes to be added in future if needed.

Several options for the theme can be set in the file:

html_theme_options = {
    'logotext1': 'packagename',  # white,  semi-bold
    'logotext2': '',  # orange, light
    'logotext3': ':docs',   # white,  light
    'astropy_project_menubar': True

The logotext? options can be used to customize the top left logo, while the astropy_project_menubar option can be set to True for packages that are managed by the project itself (this will add links to find out more about the Astropy project, about the team, and so on).