Paper describing Astropy v0.2
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Scope of the Paper

The aim of the paper is to give a formal overview of the capabilities of Astropy in 0.2, and to provide a citable peer-reviewed reference for anyone using Astropy to cite. This will provide credit for all the work that the Astropy developers have put into the project.

Affiliated packages will not be detailed in this paper, since many are still in active development.


The journal to which the paper will be submitted has not been decided yet. Possible options include:

  • A&A (code section, and open access option)
  • PASP

Rules for Authorship

Anyone who has contributed at least one commit to one of the following repositories by the final 0.2.0 release will be included on the paper:

  • astropy
  • astropy-logo
  • astropy-website
  • package-template

In addition, anyone who has attended the CfA or STScI coordination meetings will also be included.

The author list will be:

  1. Astropy Collaboration (first author)

  2. The coordination committee

  3. The developers

  4. Other contributors, including coordination meeting participants.

The coordination committee and the developers will be ordered by contributions, which for this paper will broadly be related to the number of commits (we will not use the number of commits blindly as a metric, since it does not always fully represent the extent of contributions by an individual). For authors with small and equal number of commits, the order will likely be arbitrary. Other contributors will be listed alphabetically.

There will be papers for future major releases of Astropy, so if you are not included in this paper, you will still eventually get credited for your work!


All contributions should be made via pull requests so that we can review/discuss changes/additions if necessary.