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Astropy glossary #9

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Wolfgang Kerzendorf Erik Tollerud Thomas Robitaille
Wolfgang Kerzendorf

Added a simple glossary to the paper. This will keep track of first usage and put the citation on first use (or footnote or other things). Currently only Scipy and Numpy are added as a sort of example

Erik Tollerud

Seems fine to me. @astrofrog - does this seem good to you, too?

Thomas Robitaille astrofrog merged commit b879590 into from
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6 astropy.tex
@@ -3,12 +3,16 @@
+\usepackage[xindy, toc, hyperfirst=false, nolist, nostyles, sanitize={name=false,description=false,symbol=false}]{glossaries}
+% Reading the glossary
\authorrunning{The Astropy Collaboration}
@@ -224,7 +228,7 @@ \section{Introduction}
coordinate efforts to develop a common Python library. The aim of this library
was to cover much of the astronomy-specific functionality needed by
researchers, complementing more general standard scientific packages such as
-NumPy \citep{oliphant2006guide,van2011numpy} and SciPy \citep{jones2001scipy},
+\gls{numpy} and \gls{scipy} ,
which are invaluable for numerical array-based calculations, and more general
scientific algorithms (e.g. interpolation, integration, clustering, etc.)
respectively. To date, over 130 people are signed up to the
4 glossary.tex
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+% Glossary for the Astropy papers
+\newglossaryentry{numpy}{name=NumPy, text=\textsc{NumPy}, description=Numerical Python, first=\textsc{NumPy} \citep{oliphant2006guide,van2011numpy}}
+\newglossaryentry{scipy}{name=SciPy, text=\textsc{Scipy}, description={Scientific Python \cite{Jones:2001fk}}, first=\textsc{Scipy} \citep{jones2001scipy}}
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