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include .astropy-root
include LICENSE.rst
include README.rst
include CHANGES.rst
include pip-requirements*
include setup.cfg
include astropy/tests/coveragerc
recursive-include astropy *.pyx *.c *.h *.map *.templ
include astropy/astropy.cfg
# We have to explicitly include the following modules, otherwise only the
# Python 2 versions are included when making a source distribution in Python
# 2, and similarly for Python 3:
include astropy/extern/configobj/*.py
recursive-include astropy/utils/compat *.py
include astropy/utils/misc/data/.hidden_file.txt
recursive-include docs *
recursive-include examples *
recursive-include licenses *
recursive-include cextern *
recursive-include scripts *
recursive-include static *
recursive-include astropy/sphinx/themes *
prune docs/_build
prune build
# the next few stanzas are for astropy_helpers. It's derived from the
# astropy_helpers/, but requires additional includes for the actual
# package directory and egg-info.
include astropy_helpers/README.rst
include astropy_helpers/CHANGES.rst
include astropy_helpers/LICENSE.rst
recursive-include astropy_helpers/licenses *
include astropy_helpers/
include astropy_helpers/
recursive-include astropy_helpers/astropy_helpers *.py *.pyx *.c *.h *.rst
recursive-include astropy_helpers/astropy_helpers.egg-info *
# include the sphinx stuff with "*" because there are css/html/rst/etc.
recursive-include astropy_helpers/astropy_helpers/sphinx *
prune astropy_helpers/build
prune astropy_helpers/astropy_helpers/tests
global-exclude *.pyc *.o