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Move the binary installer background images to a new 'static' directo…

…ry at the root of the source code for containing miscellaneous static files that do not necessarily have to live directly in the root of the project.
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1 parent cc1278a commit a4511d5b92743fd1984cecefe2cf4e349fe34891 @embray embray committed Jan 6, 2014
@@ -14,9 +14,9 @@ doctest_plus = enabled
doctest_norecursedirs = "astropy[\/]sphinx"
-background = .dmg_background.png
+background = static/dmg_background.png
# Note: The SVG source file for the DMG background image is located in the
# repository at
-bitmap = .wininst_background.bmp
+bitmap = static/wininst_background.bmp
File renamed without changes
File renamed without changes.

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