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Optional dependency checker tool #63

mdboom opened this Issue · 8 comments

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At the Boston meeting, it was discussed that there would be a tool to check for optional dependencies, list the versions that were found and, where possible, install them. I'm assigning @eteq, because I believe he already has a similar tool in Astropysics.

@eteq eteq was assigned
Collaborator has an optional dependency on xmllint (through the shell -- it is a C command line application).


Yep, this is third on my to-do list after the config and a docs cleanup - It'll also tie pretty closely with the affiliated package index (as they will also certainly have optional deps). In the meantime, lets use this issue to keep track of optional dependencies.

astropy op deps:

  • scipy
  • matplotlib

testing op deps:

  • py.test
  • pep8
  • pytest-pep8
  • coverage
  • pytest-coverage

This was originally intended for 0.1, but it looks like it will need to be triaged for 0.2. Note that part of this is ongoing at


@iguananaut: I marked the #476 PR as 0.2 milestone (tentatively). Can this issue then be closed?


Hm. Let's leave it open for now since #476 is just one possible implementation of this. I'm pretty confident it's what we'll end up going with but I see this as still an "open issue" until some specific solution is merged.


I'm re-scheduling this as 0.2.1 since I also re-scheduled #476.


Re-scheduling this for 0.4.0 - I don't think it's important enough to worry about for now

@astrofrog astrofrog modified the milestone: v1.0.0, v0.4.0

Closing a la discussion in #476

@eteq eteq closed this
@embray embray modified the milestone: Future, v1.0.0
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