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Repository for the Astropy core package
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astropy Merge pull request #5125 from astrofrog/fix-comp-hdu Jun 22, 2016
astropy_helpers @ 3e044eb Update astropy-helpers to v1.2 Jun 19, 2016
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docs Make magnitude zero points available on demand. Jun 20, 2016
examples Fixing typos Jun 15, 2016
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.rtd-environment.yml try yml way of specifying pip dependencies May 15, 2016
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CHANGES.rst Add v1.2.2 to the changelog Jun 24, 2016
CITATION remove the "do not require" part Apr 24, 2015 Add a clarification that a changelog entry shouldn't be added right a… Jan 20, 2016 rename as suggested by @astrofrog May 25, 2016
README.rst Added Gitter Badge Mar 31, 2016 Update astropy_helpers to its current master--this includes astropy/a… Oct 5, 2015
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pip-requirements Updated pip-requirements to numpy 1.7.0 Jun 16, 2016
pip-requirements-dev references to doc-pip-requirements -> pip-requirements-doc May 27, 2016
pip-requirements-doc rename as suggested by @astrofrog May 25, 2016
readthedocs.yml Don’t build any additional formats Feb 3, 2016
setup.cfg Remove old references to bdist_dmg May 31, 2016 Remove Python 2.6 classifier from Jun 24, 2016
tox.ini Add Python 3.5 to tox.ini [skip ci] Oct 5, 2015



Astropy ( is a package intended to contain much of the core functionality and some common tools needed for performing astronomy and astrophysics with Python.

Releases are registered on PyPI, and development is occurring at the project's github page.

For installation instructions, see the online documentation or docs/install.rst in this source distribution.

For system packagers: Please install Astropy with the command:

$ python --offline install

This will prevent the astropy_helpers bootstrap script from attempting to reach out to PyPI.

Project Status

For an overview of the testing and build status of all packages associated with the Astropy Project, see


Astropy is licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see the licenses/LICENSE.rst file.

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