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Merge pull request #3477 from aconley/planck2015

Add Planck 2015 cosmology
latest commit 8f149fe701
Thomas Robitaille astrofrog authored
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_static added more options for plotting and updated doc
_templates/autosummary Moved autosummary templates inside core package, and use inheritance …
analytic_functions Applied all review comments, updated tests and docs.
config Modernize jsviewer configuration items.
constants Converted several doctests to use FLOAT_CMP
convolution Fixed more API links
coordinates Merge pull request #3461 from bsipocz/coordinates_fix_doctest
cosmology Add Planck 2015 cosmology
development Minor fixes to docs
io Fix typos in `io.fits.appendix`
modeling Remove this section since this functionality is deprecated now (meant…
nddata Revert "Clarify current state of NDDataArray" in 1.0
stats Fix some typos in stats docs
table Add doc example of returning empty table [skip ci]
time Update CHANGES.rst and fix a couple of minor issues
units added furlong to docs
utils Only import what's necessary, slight modification of instructions.
visualization Add origin='lower' for imshow examples
vo Update example_clients.rst
wcs fix for failing doctests
whatsnew +2 for this and the remaining 1.0 issues
Makefile Test doctests in .rst documentation
_pkgtemplate.rst fixing typos
astropy_banner_96.png Move banner to docs root
changelog.rst Adds some initial structure for the 'what's new' pages, including a s… Updated some copyright dates
credits.rst update credits list
getting_started.rst fixed example in getting started
index.rst Add links to “What’s new in 1.0?”
install.rst Specify minimum required version of jinja2 in install docs
known_issues.rst Expand locale error known issue to Linux
license.rst Fixing documentation links, warning and some PEP8
logging.rst Removed redundant 'Documentation'
make.bat intial doc setup from sphinx-quickstart
nitpick-exceptions Add a couple objects to the nitpick exceptions
overview.rst Fixed more API links. Fixes #2510.
rtd-pip-requirements Remove support for Numpy 1.5.x
stability.rst stabilize vo
warnings.rst Apparently the label 'warnings' was already taken (I think it shouldn…
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