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Website/logo competition


We are holding a design competition for the homepage and an Astropy logo. The deadline for the competition will be March 31st 2012, and the prize for the winner will be a $50 (or equivalent) Amazon Voucher. We reserve the right to extend the deadline further if none of the submissions are adequate. The winning design will be designated by the coordinating committee (Erik, Tom, and Perry), who will not be allowed to submit any design. Teams are allowed, but team members will need to split the prize. We also reserve the right to split the prize between multiple entries if we decide to use different elements from different entries (e.g. the logo from one and the website from the other).

The requirements for the design are listed below.

Submission Overview

The main components of competition submissions should include a homepage, a logo, and (optionally) a sphinx documentation theme. The winning homepage will be used for If a sphinx theme is provided, the astropy project documentation will be set to that theme, otherwise, the current theme will be used. The logo will be used both in the documentation and in the github project.

Submissions should be sent to attached as a .zip or .tar.gz archive file.


The homepage is basically a landing page, inspired loosely by the ipython front page ( Typically (although not necessarily), it will prominently feature the logo, and should fit well in colors and font with the sphinx documentation theme specified.

A submission can be a static HTML page or provided as sphinx source files. If HTML, the submission should include any necessary style sheets, images, or other ancillary resources. If Sphinx, it should include everything necessary to build the document.

The homepage should include the following items:

If provided as HTML, the page should have a straightforward way to add additional sections in the future if we want to. More generally, the HTML code should be clean and reasonably easy to edit by hand.


  • The logo should be included in the submission as an SVG if generated with vector graphics - this is preferred, as it will scale better with resolution. A high-resolution PNG file should also be provided, and if SVG is not suitable, a PNG on its own is acceptable.
  • The logo should fit well with the color scheme of the homepage and the sphinx documentation. It is acceptable to have different versions of the logo for the homepage and the sphinx docs (e.g. color and grayscale).
  • If the main version is wide (for example if it includes text) a second version should be provided that is close to square - this would be used as the icon for the GitHub organization and in parts of the Sphinx documentation.
  • The logo should scale down reasonably to a .ico file (16x16, 32x32, and 48x48) for use as a favicon. A custom version can be provided in the submission either as an .ico file or as small PNGs, otherwise the square version will be resized for this purpose.

Sphinx Documentation

If not specified, a submission will be judged along side the readthedocs theme for the sphinx documentation at Optionally, the submission can specify a different theme, either as a builtin or custom sphinx theme (and color/font scheme).

If a Sphinx builtin theme is desired, the submitter should include the settings necessary for the theme, or if a custom theme is to be used, the necessary files must be included in the submission. In either case, either a built version of the documentation or a screenshot of the theme should be provided for review.