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Ccdproc is is an affiliated package for the AstroPy package for basic data reductions of CCD images. The ccdproc package provides many of the necessary tools for processing of ccd images built on a framework to provide error propagation and bad pixel tracking throughout the reduction process.

Ccdproc can currently be installed via pip or from the source code. For installation instructions, see the online documentation or docs/install.rst in this source distribution.

Documentation is at

An extensive tutorial is currently in development.


We have had the first stable release, but there is still plenty to do!

Please open a new issue or new pull request for bugs, feedback, or new features you would like to see. If there is an issue you would like to work on, please leave a comment and we will be happy to assist. New contributions and contributors are very welcome!

New to github or open source projects? If you are unsure about where to start or haven't used github before, please feel free to email @crawfordsm, @mwcraig or @mseifert. We will more than happily help you make your first contribution.

Feedback and feature requests? Is there something missing you would like to see? Please open an issue or send an email to @mwcraig, @crawfordsm or @mseifert. Questions can also be opened on stackoverflow, twitter, or the astropy email list.

Ccdproc follows the Astropy Code of Conduct and strives to provide a welcoming community to all of our users and contributors.

Want more information about how to make a contribution? Take a look at the astropy contributing and developer documentation.

If you are interested in finacially supporting the project, please consider donating to NumFOCUS that provides financial management for the Astropy Project.


If you have found ccdproc useful to your research, please considering adding a citation to ccdproc contributors; Craig, M. W.; Crawford, S. M.; Deil, Christoph; Gasdia, Forrest; Gomez, Carlos; Günther, Hans Moritz; Heidt, Nathan; Horton, Anthony; Karr, Jennifer; Nelson, Stefan; Ninan, Joe Phillip; Pattnaik, Punyaslok; Rol, Evert; Schoenell, William; Seifert, Michael; Singh, Sourav; Sipocz, Brigitta; Stotts, Connor; Streicher, Ole; Tollerud, Erik; and Walker, Nathan, 2015, Astrophysics Source Code Library, 1510.007, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.47652

Thanks to Kyle Barbary (@kbarbary) for designing the ccdproc logo.