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For users

To install the conda packages maintained in this repository do conda install -c astropy package_name

If you use this channel frequently it may be convenient to add the conda channel for this repository to your list of default channels:

conda config --add channels astropy

For maintainers/contributors


This packages uses extruder, available on GitHub at astropy/conda-build-tools or installable with: conda install -c astropy extruder.

Updating an existing package to a new version

Edit the version number in requirements.yml: by far the easiest way is to open requirements.yml in GitHub, click the pencil icon to edit it, and create a pull request to make the change.

Adding a new package

First try adding the new package to requirements.yml. If the build based on that fails you will need to write a recipe for it, then do some minor editing to convert it to a template.

Check out the home page for the builder for a description of the permitted fields in requirements.yml and a sample recipe template.