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For users

To install the conda packages maintained in this repository do conda install -c astropy package_name

If you use this channel frequently it may be convenient to add the conda channel for this repository to your list of default channels:

conda config --add channels astropy

For maintainers/contributors

Build Status


This packages uses the file from to copy packages from the conda-forge channel to the astropy channel.

Updating an existing package to a new version

Update the package on conda-forge. Once a day a cron job is run to copy packages over to this channel. If an immediate copy is needed, push an empty commit to master.

Adding a new package

Add the package on conda-forge, then add it to the file requirements.yml in this repository.

In case of emergency, copy manually

First install anaconda-client. Once you have done that, use it to log in to anaconda at the command line:

$ anaconda login

Once you are logged in you can do the copy from the command line:

$ anaconda copy --to-owner astropy conda-forge/astroquery/0.3.9

If you want to copy just one specific file from conda-forge add its name after the version number. See anaconda copy --help for details.


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