Affiliated package for 1D spectral operations. Maintainers: @nmearl @crawfordsm @keflavich @eteq
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Specutils Documentation Status

Specutils is an Astropy affiliated package with the goal of providing a shared set of Python representations of astronomical spectra and basic tools to operate on these spectra. The effort is also meant to be a "hub", helping to unite the Python astronomical spectroscopy community around shared effort, much as Astropy is meant to for the wider astronomy Python ecosystem.

Note that Specutils is not intended as an all-in-one spectroscopic analysis or reduction tool. While it provides some basic analysis (following the Python philosophy of "batteries included"), it is also meant to facilitate connecting together disparate reduction pipelines and analysis tools through shared data representations.


Specutils is licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license. Please see the LICENSE.rst file.