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UAT v.2.0.0

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@katieefrey katieefrey released this 31 Jan 14:25
· 56 commits to master since this release

Unified Astronomy Thesaurus v.2.0.0 Release Notes

Version 2.0.0 of the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus consists of a polyhierarchy with 1843 concepts, 11 top concepts, a depth of 10 levels, with 320 related concept links.

Release Date: 1/31/2017

Overview of Changes

  • The UAT was switched from descriptive, human readable concept identifiers to numeric identifiers. This is a rather significant change, and included in the source code download for this version is a mapping from previous identifiers to new identifiers.
  • The preferred label of 79 concepts were updated to add context, clarity, and consistency.
  • 16 new concepts were added to the UAT.
  • 3 concepts were moved from one parent concept to another.
  • 9 concepts were merged into similar concepts to remove duplicates from the UAT.
  • Resolves Issues in Milestone Arinelle.

Detailed List of Changes

Updated the preferred label of 79 concepts:

Concept URI Old PrefLabel New PrefLabel A dwarfs A dwarf stars A giants A giant stars A subdwarfs A subdwarf stars A subgiants A subgiant stars A supergiants A supergiant stars Accreting binaries Accreting binary stars B dwarfs B dwarf stars B giants B giant stars B subdwarfs B subdwarf stars B supergiants B supergiant stars Beryllium Beryllium abundance Blue stragglers Blue straggler stars Boron Boron abundance Brown dwarfs Brown dwarf stars Carbon flash Carbon flashes Cepheids Cepheid variable stars Circumstellar envelope Circumstellar envelopes Convective envelope Convective envelopes Convective zone Convective zones Double-mode Cepheids Double-mode Cepheid variable stars Dust shell Dust shells Early-type supergiants Early-type supergiant stars Eruptive variables Eruptive variable stars F dwarfs F dwarf stars F giants F giant stars F subdwarfs F subdwarf stars F subgiants F subgiant stars F supergiants F supergiant stars FU Orionis FU Orionis stars G dwarfs G dwarf stars G giants G giant stars G subdwarfs G subdwarf stars G supergiants G supergiant stars Helium Helium abundance K dwarfs K dwarf stars K giants K giant stars K subdwarfs K subdwarf stars K subgiants K subgiant stars K supergiants K supergiant stars L dwarfs L dwarf stars L subdwarfs L subdwarf stars Late type giant stars Late-type giant stars Late-type dwarfs Late-type dwarf stars Late-type giants Late type giant stars Late-type supergiants Late-type supergiant stars Lithium Lithium abundance Long period variables Long period variable stars M dwarfs M dwarf stars M giants M giant stars M subdwarfs M subdwarf stars M subgiants M subgiant stars M supergiants M supergiant stars Mira variables Mira variable stars O dwarfs O dwarf stars O giants O giant stars O subdwarfs O subdwarf stars O supergiants O supergiant stars OB supergiants OB supergiant stars PV Telescopii variables PV Telescopii variable stars R Coronae Borealis variables R Coronae Borealis variable stars Red giants Red giant stars Red stragglers Red straggler stars Red supergiants Red supergiant stars Rotating shell Rotating shells RS Canum Venaticorum variables RS Canum Venaticorum variable stars RV Tauri variables RV Tauri variable stars Slow irregular variables Slow irregular variable stars Stellar inner core Stellar inner cores Stellar interior Stellar interiors Stellar structure Stellar structures Substellar companions Substellar companion stars SX Arietis variables SX Arietis variable stars SX Phoenicis variables SX Phoenicis variable stars T dwarfs T dwarf stars T subdwarfs T subdwarf stars VY Sculpturis VY Sculpturis stars W Virginis variables W Virginis variable stars White dwarfs White dwarf stars Young disk Cepheids Young disk Cepheid variable stars

Added 16 new concepts:

New Concept URI New Concept PrefLabel Amorphous irregular galaxies B subgiant stars Blank field Blue compact dwarf galaxies Compact dwarf galaxies DC stars DQ stars DZ stars Exoplanet systems High latitude field Low surface brightness galaxies O subgiant stars Parallel field Shell stars Star forming regions Y dwarf stars

Moved 3 concepts to new locations within the hierarchy:

Concept URI Concept PrefLabel Old Parent PrefLabel New Parent PrefLabel L galaxies Galaxies Low surface brightness galaxies RR Lyrae variable stars Population II Cepheid stars Population II stars Ultracompact dwarf galaxies Dwarf galaxies Compact dwarf galaxies

Merged 9 duplicate concepts:

Concept URI Concept PrefLabel Duplicate Concept PrefLabel Circumstellar Shells Circumstellar Shell Far infrared astronomy Far-infrared astronomy FU Orionis stars FU Orionis Long period variable stars Long period variables Luminous blue variable stars Luminous blue variables Mira variable stars Mira variables Neutrino oscillations Neutrino oscillation R Coronae Borealis variable stars R Coronae Borealis stars Semi-regular variable stars Semiregular variables