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Unified Astronomy Thesaurus v.2.0.0 Release Notes

Version 2.0.0 of the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus consists of a polyhierarchy with 1843 concepts, 11 top concepts, a depth of 10 levels, with 320 related concept links.

Release Date: 1/31/2017

Overview of Changes

  • The UAT was switched from descriptive, human readable concept identifiers to numeric identifiers. This is a rather significant change, and included in the source code download for this version is a mapping from previous identifiers to new identifiers.
  • The preferred label of 79 concepts were updated to add context, clarity, and consistency.
  • 16 new concepts were added to the UAT.
  • 3 concepts were moved from one parent concept to another.
  • 9 concepts were merged into similar concepts to remove duplicates from the UAT.
  • Resolves Issues in Milestone Arinelle.

Detailed List of Changes

Updated the preferred label of 79 concepts:

Concept URI Old PrefLabel New PrefLabel
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/3 A dwarfs A dwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/4 A giants A giant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/6 A subdwarfs A subdwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/7 A subgiants A subgiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/8 A supergiants A supergiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/13 Accreting binaries Accreting binary stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/126 B dwarfs B dwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/127 B giants B giant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/129 B subdwarfs B subdwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/130 B supergiants B supergiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/146 Beryllium Beryllium abundance
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/168 Blue stragglers Blue straggler stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/176 Boron Boron abundance
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/185 Brown dwarfs Brown dwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/197 Carbon flash Carbon flashes
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/218 Cepheids Cepheid variable stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/237 Circumstellar envelope Circumstellar envelopes
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/299 Convective envelope Convective envelopes
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/301 Convective zone Convective zones
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/402 Double-mode Cepheids Double-mode Cepheid variable stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/414 Dust shell Dust shells
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/431 Early-type supergiants Early-type supergiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/476 Eruptive variables Eruptive variable stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/516 F dwarfs F dwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/517 F giants F giant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/520 F subdwarfs F subdwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/521 F subgiants F subgiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/522 F supergiants F supergiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/553 FU Orionis FU Orionis stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/556 G dwarfs G dwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/557 G giants G giant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/559 G subdwarfs G subdwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/561 G supergiants G supergiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/713 Helium Helium abundance
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/876 K dwarfs K dwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/877 K giants K giant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/879 K subdwarfs K subdwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/880 K subgiants K subgiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/881 K supergiants K supergiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/894 L dwarfs L dwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/896 L subdwarfs L subdwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/908 Late type giant stars Late-type giant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/906 Late-type dwarfs Late-type dwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/908 Late-type giants Late type giant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/910 Late-type supergiants Late-type supergiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/926 Lithium Lithium abundance
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/935 Long period variables Long period variable stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/982 M dwarfs M dwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/983 M giants M giant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/986 M subdwarfs M subdwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/987 M subgiants M subgiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/988 M supergiants M supergiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1067 Mira variables Mira variable stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1135 O dwarfs O dwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1136 O giants O giant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1138 O subdwarfs O subdwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1139 O supergiants O supergiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1142 OB supergiants OB supergiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1311 PV Telescopii variables PV Telescopii variable stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1327 R Coronae Borealis variables R Coronae Borealis variable stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1372 Red giants Red giant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1374 Red stragglers Red straggler stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1375 Red supergiants Red supergiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1407 Rotating shell Rotating shells
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1416 RS Canum Venaticorum variables RS Canum Venaticorum variable stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1418 RV Tauri variables RV Tauri variable stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1466 Slow irregular variables Slow irregular variable stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1605 Stellar inner core Stellar inner cores
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1606 Stellar interior Stellar interiors
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1631 Stellar structure Stellar structures
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1648 Substellar companions Substellar companion stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1672 SX Arietis variables SX Arietis variable stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1673 SX Phoenicis variables SX Phoenicis variable stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1679 T dwarfs T dwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1680 T subdwarfs T subdwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1782 VY Sculpturis VY Sculpturis stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1784 W Virginis variables W Virginis variable stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1799 White dwarfs White dwarf stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1832 Young disk Cepheids Young disk Cepheid variable stars

Added 16 new concepts:

New Concept URI New Concept PrefLabel
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/37 Amorphous irregular galaxies
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/125 B subgiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/163 Blank field
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/165 Blue compact dwarf galaxies
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/281 Compact dwarf galaxies
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/0 DC stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1849 DQ stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1848 DZ stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/484 Exoplanet systems
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/737 High latitude field
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/940 Low surface brightness galaxies
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1132 O subgiant stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1198 Parallel field
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1850 Shell stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1565 Star forming regions
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1827 Y dwarf stars

Moved 3 concepts to new locations within the hierarchy:

Concept URI Concept PrefLabel Old Parent PrefLabel New Parent PrefLabel
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/895 L galaxies Galaxies Low surface brightness galaxies
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1410 RR Lyrae variable stars Population II Cepheid stars Population II stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1734 Ultracompact dwarf galaxies Dwarf galaxies Compact dwarf galaxies

Merged 9 duplicate concepts:

Concept URI Concept PrefLabel Duplicate Concept PrefLabel
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/242 Circumstellar Shells Circumstellar Shell
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/529 Far infrared astronomy Far-infrared astronomy
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/553 FU Orionis stars FU Orionis
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/935 Long period variable stars Long period variables
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/944 Luminous blue variable stars Luminous blue variables
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1066 Mira variable stars Mira variables
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1104 Neutrino oscillations Neutrino oscillation
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1327 R Coronae Borealis variable stars R Coronae Borealis stars
http://astrothesaurus.org/uat/1444 Semi-regular variable stars Semiregular variables