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UAT Release Check List

One Week Prior to Release (Friday)

  • Finalize/close/move remaining issues in open Milestones
  • Close Milestones
  • Inform stakeholders at EJPress and IoP of pending release
  • Open new Milestone

Week of Release (Monday - Thursday)

  • Export UAT RDF from management tool
    • Project > Export > RDF Project Export
    • Format: RDF/XML
    • Thesaurus Data: Concepts, Deprecated Concepots, SKOS Notes
  • Generate updated UAT files (see
    • json for UAT Apps
      • split into top level groups ( for the sorting tool
      • UAT_list for browsing and searching interface
    • javascript for @aholachek's autocomplete widget
  • Write UAT Release Notes (see
    • summary notes & full notes
  • Prepare and finalize local UAT repo, commit changes
  • Update UAT transformation scripts in GitHub if needed
  • Select new image for website header rotation
  • Write annoucement blog post, schedule for release
  • Update this checklist if needed

Launch Day (Friday)