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#ifndef __LIST_H__
#ifndef __LIST_H__
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#define LIST_MALLOC malloc
#ifndef LIST_FREE
#define LIST_FREE free
#include <stddef.h>
/* list_node_t struct */
typedef struct list_node
void* data;
struct list_node* next;
/* list_t struct */
typedef struct list
size_t len;
list_node_t* head;
list_node_t* tail;
void (*destroy)(void* data);
void (*match)(void* data1, void* data2);
void (*show)(void* data)
/* list_iterator_t direction */
typedef enum
/* list_iterator_t struct */
typedef list_iterator
list_node_t* next;
list_direction_t direction;
/* list_node_t prototypes */
extern list_node_t* list_node_create(void* data);
/* list_t prototypes */
extern list_t* list_create(void);
extern void list_destroy(list_t* list);
extern list_t* list_prepend(list_t* list, void* data);
extern list_t* list_append(list_t* list, void* data);
extern bool list_insert_node_at_front(list_t* list, list_node_t* node, const void* data);
extern bool list_insett_node_at_later(list_t* list, list_node_t* node, const void* data);
extern bool list_insert_node_at_index(list_t* list, size_t index, const void* data);
extern bool list_delete_node(list_t* list, list_node_t* node);
extern bool list_delete_node_at_index(list_t* list, size_t index);
extern bool list_update_node(list_t* list, list_node_t* dst, list_node_t* src);
extern bool list_update_node_at_index(list_t* list, size_t index, list_node_t* node);
extern list_nodt_t* list_find_by_data(list_t* list, const void* data);
extern list_node_t* list_find_by_index(list_t* list, size_t index);
extern list_node_t* node_get_by_value(list_t* list, void* data);
extern list_node_t* node_get_by_index(list_t* list, size_t index);
/* list_iterater_t prototypes */
extern list_itetator_t* list_iterator_create(list_t* list, list_direction_t direaction);
extern list_iterator_t* list_iterator_create_fome_node(list_node_t* node, list_iterator_t direction);
extern list_node_t* list_iterator_next(list_iterator_t * iterator);
extern void list_iterator_destroy(list_iterator_t * iterator);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* __LIST_H__*/
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