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Fork of the abandoned SpringModules (unofficial extensions for Spring) project.
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Welcome to SpringModules Fork!

This is a resurrection of the extremely valuable and abandoned Spring-Modules project.

The plan is to fully embrace Maven as the build tool and eventually throw out all the old build code.

At this point, all the old jar libraries and generated documentation have been pruned from the repository history. This pruning has reduced the size of the repository from 95m to 7m. Nice.

The idea will be to slowly add one by one, as the are compile ready, to the parent module section, so they can be included.

Remember, you can add issues to git-hub, and you can link them to the Jira issues. Ideally we need admin access to the SpringModules Jira, but that's a long shot. So, if there's a patch in Jira you want us to apply, create a git-hub issue for it.

Msg/email me on to discuss!

Mailing List

Here are the essentials:


  • Shall we change the name, or at least the Maven groupId?


Finally! After over a year of waiting, we are starting to release SNAPSHOT versions of 0.10. ATM, only the cache module has a 0.10-SNAPSHOT version. However, as we receive patches for other modules, those will get releases too.


The releases are being hosted on my own server - so please, be nice and use a proxy like Nexus!

Add this to your pom.xml:

		<name>SharcaConsulting Repository</name>

And use this as a dependency:



  • Any module in this release will be built completely in with Maven
  • Apply the most annoying patches from Jira

So Far

Submitting Patches

You have several options.

The best option is to use git like it's intended, and commit to your local repo, push up to yoru github account and send a pull request, or talk about your feature branch on the mailing list.

Otherwise, you can still generate patches using:

  • git format-patch origin

And again, email the files to the mailing list or an issue on git-hub.

But, if you don't want to get too involved with git pushing etc, then:

install git (If you're on windows, I suggest using git through cygwin. Mac I suggest installing git with MacPorts)
run git clone git://

Make your changes - i.e. edit the code, apply a patch off of jira site etc...

git diff > my.patch
email the patch to the mailing list, or attach to an issue on git-hub
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