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SHARP Memory LCD example for MSP430 LaunchPad
C C++ IDL Arduino Assembly
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Example of using SHARP Memory LCD LS013B4DN04 with MSP430G2553

This is a simple library for TI MSP430G2553 to write characters to SHARP LS013B4DN04 Memory Display using USCI for hardware SPI.

SHARP LS013B4DN04 is a very low power 1.35 inch, 96x96 pixel LCD display. It uses less than 15 uW when displaying a static image.

This code also works with the predecessor LS013B4DN02 and should work with any display of that series with compatible pinouts.

The project also includes a matching BoosterPack to mount the display on a MSP430 LaunchPad. More information about the BoosterPack can be found on 43oh:

Pinout MSP430 -> Display

  • P1.0: LED (VCOM status display)
  • P1.5: SCLK (SPI clock)
  • P1.7: SI (SPI data)
  • P2.0: DISP (display on/off)
  • P2.5: SCS (SPI chip select)
  • GND: GND
  • VCC: VDD and VDDA

After adjusting for different pin-out (DISP,SCS), this code also works with the official SHARP LCD BoosterPack by Texas Instruments.

This code should also work with the Adafruit SHARP Memory Display Breakout

A library and example for Energia can be found in the Energia subfolder of this project. This library should also work with Arduino (untested).

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