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All of these tests use the same circuit requiring two switches and two leds.

The circuit I used can be seen in

These tests poll the switches or wait for an interrupt to lit the LEDs accordingly, with some variations (i.e.: the group test does not require the switches).

- LIBGPIO_MULTI_TEST - Uses a configuration table to configure the pins, polling the switches;
- LIBGPIO_MULTI_TEST_IRQ - Uses a configuration table to configure the pins with interrupts on both edges for both switches;
- LIBGPIO_TEST - Uses direct API calls to poll the two switches;
- LIBGPIO_TEST_IRQ - Uses direct API calls to enable interrupts on both edges of the switches;
- LIBGPIO_TEST_GROUP - Defines a group with a output pin set, and writes a value to the group. This lits the LEDs accordingly to the value written.

The following test case is raspberry pi specific:

LIBGPIO_JTAG - Setups the JTAG pin interface on the raspberry pi. More information on JTAG and the PI can be seen in my blog in
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