Maps subl:// URL schemes on OSX to SublimeText 2
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SublimeText 2 URLHandler on OS X

This application enables SublimeText 2 to open subl: urls, as Textmate has as described here



Download latest release.

Unzip it, then launch it. Select SublHandler -> Preferences..., then set the path for the subl binary.

Mountain Lion Users: Because it's an unsigned binary, you'll need to right-click the app and select "Open"...You only need to run it once for the URL handler to register.

Test it

Open terminal and type: open 'subl://open/?url=file:///etc/hosts'


Delete following:



  • Daisuke Murase :@typester (github, twitter, CPAN, etc..)
  • Scott Wadden (SublimeText 2 port)
  • Andrew Sutherland (Mountain Lion fixes)