watch travis builds starting from a github pull request, specific travis build id, etc. and trigger scripts when things happen
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Quick Examples

These are things that work now (if you "npm install -g gaudy-leds", for example):

travis-build-watcher --state-update "gaudy-leds set {{jobcolors}}"
travis-build-watcher --state-update "gaudy-leds set {{jobcolors}}"

Everything below this is some combination of reality and dreams all smooshed together.


We help you track a Travis build in-progress. We do this by polling using the Travis API. Travis does have some type of API that it uses in its UI. However, it is not defined as part of the public API and potentially incurs some type of cost of Travis. Also, naive monitoring of the websocket stream as used by the UI does not perform filtering.

I am considering polling at a low-rate for JSON data to be sufficiently friendly as compared to the expected overhead of leaving one or more windows open in the browser. I don't know about you, but I open them and forget about them for extended periods of time. A script with failsafe timeouts seems generally safer.

General Operation

You run the command giving us a URL and a series of scripts to run as various things happen. We daemonize ourselves, we figure out how to map the URL to a travis build. We poll the job for progress, running actions as appropriate. When the build completes, our program terminates.

Runaway behaviour on our part is prevented by associating a cost with our various requests and terminating if we cross the cost threshold. We also enforce program termination after a long timeout. The goals are to prevent inadvertent DoS or excessive resource consumption of github and travis resources or us clogging up your machine with dead processes or just spinning in buggy infinite loops.

Action Templating


NOTE! This is all speculative stuff right now except for "--state-update"

State Updates

Invoke a script every time we update our knowledge of the build. This includes polling and the last thing that happens.

Job Transitions

Invoke a script when a job that's part of a build transitions.

Jobs can have any of the following states:

  • passed

  • failed

  • errored

  • --job-any: Invoke when a job starts/stops

  • --job-start: Invoke when a job starts. This will not be invoked if the job is canceled before starting or transitions to an end state without us observing it actively running.

  • --job-end: Invoke when a job ends. If you want to break this out further, the following actions are mutually exclusive; only one will fire for a job unless it gets rescheduled.

    • --job-pass: Invoke when a job passes
    • --job-fail: Invoke when a job fails
    • --job-errors: Invoke when a job errors out / gets canceled.



All actions currently just involve us building a command line and invoking some external script.

Generate a desktop-notification

Let's assume you're on linux and you have notify-send installed (provided by libnotify-bin on Ubuntu).

GitHub-based watches

Watch a Specific Pull-Request

You've got a github pull request URL. Tell us it, we'll find the travis build link or wait for it to show up, then watch that build.


Wait for a New Pull Request

Point us at the github repo that a pull request should soon show up at. We can infer this from the "origin" remote of the current directory's git repo.

Travis-based watches

Given a build URL