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Collection of notes on some random things I tinker with.


  • Attempt to extract the firmware and reverse it to gain some internal understanding. My secret desire was to gain some code execution on the device after which I can mod the system as per my needs. I had a TATA Photon Huawei EC315 3G USB modem with Wi-Fi capabilities.

  • Links to online resources I explored while working on EC315 modem.

  • Similar aim as of EC315. I had a MTS Wi-Fi USB dongle.

  • Attempt at understanding the working of Wi-Fi module in my Moto G5 Plus.

  • Some of the randoms ideads I had. (They are all available in public domain, will add a licence in some time. I would prefer if you just give me some credits.)

  • Mostly I will be putting interesting links I come across.

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