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# Pig Latin by Al Sweigart,
# Translates English messages into Igpay Atinlay.
import pyperclip
except ImportError:
pass # It's not a big deal if pyperclip is not installed.
VOWELS = ('a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u', 'y')
def englishToPigLatin(message):
pigLatin = '' # A string of the pig latin translation.
for word in message.split():
# Separate the non-letters at the start of this word:
prefixNonLetters = ''
while len(word) > 0 and not word[0].isalpha():
prefixNonLetters += word[0]
word = word[1:]
if len(word) == 0:
pigLatin = pigLatin + prefixNonLetters + ' '
# Separate the non-letters at the end of this word:
suffixNonLetters = ''
while not word[-1].isalpha():
suffixNonLetters += word[-1]
word = word[:-1]
# Remember if the word was in uppercase or titlecase.
wasUpper = word.isupper()
wasTitle = word.istitle()
word = word.lower() # Make the word lowercase for translation.
# Separate the consonants at the start of this word:
prefixConsonants = ''
while len(word) > 0 and not word[0] in VOWELS:
prefixConsonants += word[0]
word = word[1:]
# Add the pig latin ending to the word:
if prefixConsonants != '':
word += prefixConsonants + 'ay'
word += 'yay'
# Set the word back to uppercase or titlecase:
if wasUpper:
word = word.upper()
if wasTitle:
word = word.title()
# Add the non-letters back to the start or end of the word.
pigLatin = pigLatin + prefixNonLetters + word + suffixNonLetters + ' '
return pigLatin
def main():
print('''IGPAY ATINLAY (Pig Latin)
By Al Sweigart
Enter your message:''')
pigLatin = englishToPigLatin(input())
# Join all the words back together into a single string:
print('(Copied pig latin to clipboard.)')
except NameError:
pass # Do nothing if pyperclip wasn't installed.
if __name__ == '__main__':
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