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# Detect English module
# (BSD Licensed)
# To use, run:
# import detectEnglish
# detectEnglish.isEnglish(someString) # returns True or False
# (There must be a "dictionary.txt" file in this directory with all English
# words in it, one word per line.)
import re
dictionaryFile = open('dictionary.txt')
for word in'\n'):
ENGLISH_WORDS[word] = None
nonLettersOrSpacePattern = re.compile('[^A-Z\s]')
nonLettersPattern = re.compile('[^A-Z]')
def main():
print('Testing the English detection module...')
messages = ['The quick brown fox jumped over the yellow lazy dog.',
'Hello there. lkjjfldsf dsafk alf ewfewlfjl efa',
'Sumimasen. Kore wa nan desu ka?',
for m in messages:
print('%s\n\t%s\n' % (m, isEnglish(m)))
def getEnglishCount(message):
# Returns the amount of words in message that appear in the dictionary.
message = message.upper()
# Use a "regular expression" to get rid of non-letters or spaces from the message.
message = nonLettersOrSpacePattern.sub('', message)
words = message.split()
if not words:
return False # after removing non-letters, message was blank
# Go through each word and see how many are english words.
matches = 0
for word in words:
# If the word exists in ENGLISH_WORDS, then increment the number of
# matches by 1.
if word in ENGLISH_WORDS:
matches += 1
# Return the fraction of matching words out of total words.
return (matches / len(words))
def isEnglish(message, wordPercentage=20):
# By default, 20% of the words must be recognized as English words that
# exist in the dictionary file.
wordPercentage /= 100
# Get the percentage of recognized English words.
englishWords = getEnglishCount(message)
# Get the number of letters in the message.
numLetters = len(nonLettersPattern.sub('', message.upper()))
return (englishWords >= wordPercentage)
# If is run (instead of imported as a module) call
# the main() function.
if __name__ == '__main__':
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