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# Transposition Cipher Encrypt File
# (BSD Licensed)
import math, time, os, sys, transpositionEncrypt, transpositionDecrypt
def main():
inputFilename = 'frankenstein.txt'
# BE CAREFUL! If a file with the outputFilename name already exists, this
# program will overwrite that file.
outputFilename = 'frankenstein.encrypted.txt'
myKey = 42
myMode = 'decrypt' # set to 'encrypt' or 'decrypt'
# If the input file does not exist, then the program terminates early on.
if not os.path.exists(inputFilename):
print('The file %s does not exist. Quitting...' % (inputFilename))
# If the output file already exists, give the user a chance to quit.
if os.path.exists(outputFilename):
print('This will overwrite the file %s. (C)ontinue or (Q)uit?' % (outputFilename))
response = input('> ')
if not response.lower().startswith('c'):
# Read in the message from the input file
fileObj = open(inputFilename)
content =
print('%sing...' % (myMode.title()))
# Measure how long the encryption takes.
startTime = time.time()
if myMode == 'encrypt':
translated = transpositionEncrypt.encryptMessage(myKey, content)
elif myMode == 'decrypt':
translated = transpositionDecrypt.decryptMessage(myKey, content)
totalTime = round(time.time() - startTime, 2)
print('%sion time: %s seconds' % (myMode.title(), totalTime))
# Write out the translated message to the output file.
outputFileObj = open(outputFilename, 'w')
print('Done %sing %s (%s characters).' % (myMode, inputFilename, len(content)))
print('%sed file is %s.' % (myMode.title(), outputFilename))
# If is run (instead of imported as a module) call
# the main() function.
if __name__ == '__main__':
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