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# Transposition Cipher Test
# (BSD Licensed)
import random, sys, transpositionEncrypt, transpositionDecrypt
def main():
random.seed(42) # set the random "seed" to a static value
for i in range(20): # run 20 tests
# Generate random messages to test.
# The message will have a random length:
message = 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ' * random.randint(4, 40)
# Convert the message string to a list to shuffle it.
message = list(message)
message = ''.join(message) # convert list to string
print('Test #%s: "%s..."' % (i+1, message[:50]))
# Check all possible keys for each message.
for key in range(1, len(message)):
encrypted = transpositionEncrypt.encryptMessage(key, message)
decrypted = transpositionDecrypt.decryptMessage(key, encrypted)
# If the decryption doesn't match the original message, display
# an error message and quit.
if message != decrypted:
print('Mismatch with key %s and message %s.' % (key, message))
print('Transposition cipher test passed.')
# If is run (instead of imported as a module) call
# the main() function.
if __name__ == '__main__':