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background-color: #DDDDFF;
h1 {
font-size: 24;
font-family: Arial;
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<div id='DragonSourceCode' style='font-family: Courier, monospace; position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 0px; height: 96%; width: 56%; overflow: auto; padding: 4px;'></div>
<div id='DragonVariables' style='position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 60%; height: 32%; width: 36%; overflow: auto; padding: 4px;'></div>
<div id='DragonNotes' style='position: absolute; top: 33%; left: 60%; height: 32%; width: 36%; overflow: auto; padding: 4px;'></div>
<div id='DragonOutput' style='position: absolute; top: 66%; left: 60%; height: 31%; width: 36%; overflow: auto; padding: 4px; color: 0000FF;'></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="TraceyText.js"></script>
var mainTraceyTextObj = new TraceyText();
DragonSourceCodeViewData = "<br/><br/>\n<h1>Source Code</h1>\n<ol>\n<li>import random</li>\n<li>import time</li>\n<li></li>\n<li>def displayIntro():</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;print \'You are on a planet full of dragons. In front of you,\'</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;print \'you see two caves. In one cave, the dragon is friendly\'</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;print \'and will share his treasure with you. The other dragon\'</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;print \'is greedy and hungry, and will eat you on sight.\'</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;print</li>\n<li></li>\n<li>def chooseCave():</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;cave = \'\'</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;while cave != \'1\' and cave != \'2\':</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;print \'Which cave will you go into? (1 or 2)\'</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;cave = raw_input()</li>\n<li></li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;return cave</li>\n<li></li>\n<li>def checkCave(chosenCave):</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;print \'You approach the cave...\'</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;time.sleep(2)</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;print \'It is dark and spooky...\'</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;time.sleep(2)</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;print \'A large dragon jumps out in front of you! He opens his jaws and...\'</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;print</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;time.sleep(2)</li>\n<li></li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;friendlyCave = random.randint(1, 2)</li>\n<li></li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;if chosenCave == str(friendlyCave):</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;print \'Gives you his treasure!\'</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;else:</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;print \'Gobbles you down in one bite!\'</li>\n<li></li>\n<li>playAgain = \'yes\'</li>\n<li>while playAgain == \'yes\' or playAgain == \'y\':</li>\n<li></li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;displayIntro()</li>\n<li></li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;caveNumber = chooseCave()</li>\n<li></li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;checkCave(caveNumber)</li>\n<li></li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;print \'Do you want to play again? (yes or no)\'</li>\n<li>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;playAgain = raw_input()</li>\n<li></li>\n</ol>\n\n";
DragonSourceCodeStepOrder = [1, 2, 4, 11, 19, 35, 36, 38, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 40, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 13, 14, 15, 13, 17, 42, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30, 31, 44, 45, 36, 38, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 40, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 13, 17, 42, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30, 33, 44, 45, 36, 46
DragonVariablesViewData = {
1:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>", 7:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'yes\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>", 18:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'yes\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>cave == \'\'<br/>", 21:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'yes\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>cave == \'3\'<br/>", 24:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'yes\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>cave == \'2\'<br/>", 26:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'yes\'<br/>caveNumber == \'2\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>", 28:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'yes\'<br/>caveNumber == \'2\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>chosenCave == \'2\'<br/>", 36:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'yes\'<br/>caveNumber == \'2\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>chosenCave == \'2\'<br/>friendlyCave == 2<br/>", 38:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'yes\'<br/>caveNumber == \'2\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>", 40:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'y\'<br/>caveNumber == \'2\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>", 51:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'y\'<br/>caveNumber == \'2\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>cave == \'\'<br/>", 54:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'y\'<br/>caveNumber == \'2\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>cave == \'1\'<br/>", 56:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'y\'<br/>caveNumber == \'1\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>", 58:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'y\'<br/>caveNumber == \'1\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>chosenCave == \'1\'<br/>", 66:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'y\'<br/>caveNumber == \'1\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>chosenCave == \'1\'<br/>friendlyCave == 2<br/>", 68:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'y\'<br/>caveNumber == \'1\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>", 70:"<h1>Variables</h1><b>Global Scope</b><br/>playAgain == \'n\'<br/>caveNumber == \'1\'<br/><br/><b>Local Scope</b><br/>\n\n"};
DragonNotesViewData = {
default:"<h1>Notes</h1>", 1:"<h1>Notes</h1>This imports the <span class=\'m\'>random</span> module, which has the <span class=\'m\'>randint()</span> function we will use.", 2:"<h1>Notes</h1>This imports the <span class=\'m\'>time</span> module, which has the <span class=\'m\'>sleep()</span> function we will use.", 3:"<h1>Notes</h1>This defines the <span class=\'m\'>displayIntro()</span> function. Execution will skip past this function, because we are only defining the function, not calling it.", 4:"<h1>Notes</h1>This defines the <span class=\'m\'>chooseCave()</span> function. Again, we are only defining the function, not calling it.", 5:"<h1>Notes</h1>This defines the <span class=\'m\'>checkCave()</span> function. <span class=\'m\'>checkCave()</span> is defined with one parameter, <span class=\'m\'>chosenCave</span>. Parameters are the variables that go in between the parentheses in a function definition.", 6:"<h1>Notes</h1>Here we set the <span class=\'m\'>playAgain</span> variable to <span class=\'m\'>\'yes\'</span>. We do this because our game will keep playing in a loop as long as <span class=\'m\'>playAgain</span> is set to <span class=\'m\'>\'yes\'</span> or <span class=\'m\'>\'y\'</span>.", 7:"<h1>Notes</h1>This <span class=\'m\'>while</span> loop\'s condition checks to see if <span class=\'m\'>playAgain</span> has the <span class=\'m\'>\'yes\'</span> string or the <span class=\'m\'>\'y\'</span> string stored in it.", 8:"<h1>Notes</h1>The first thing we do inside the loop is call the <span class=\'m\'>displayIntro()</span> function. This will move execution to line 4.", 9:"<h1>Notes</h1>Here we are at the start of the <span class=\'m\'>displayIntro()</span> function.", 10:"<h1>Notes</h1>We now print the game\'s introduction to the player.", 11:"<h1>Notes</h1>We now print the game\'s introduction to the player.", 12:"<h1>Notes</h1>We now print the game\'s introduction to the player.", 13:"<h1>Notes</h1>We now print the game\'s introduction to the player.", 14:"<h1>Notes</h1>We print a blank line.", 15:"<h1>Notes</h1>Since the <span class=\'m\'>displayIntro()</span> function ended, the program\'s execution moves to the next line after the original function call. On this line, we call <span class=\'m\'>chooseCave()</span> and then assign the function call\'s return value to the <span class=\'m\'>caveNumber</span> variable.", 16:"<h1>Notes</h1>This is the start of the <span class=\'m\'>chooseCave()</span> function.", 17:"<h1>Notes</h1><span class=\'m\'>cave</span> is first assigned the blank string. Remember that because we are inside a function, new variables will be in the local scope.", 18:"<h1>Notes</h1>This loop will continue to loop until the <span class=\'m\'>cave</span> variable is equal to either <span class=\'m\'>\'1\'</span> or <span class=\'m\'>\'2\'</span>", 19:"<h1>Notes</h1>We ask the player which cave they want to enter.", 20:"<h1>Notes</h1>Let\'s pretend the player entered 3 as their answer.", 21:"<h1>Notes</h1>Since the <span class=\'m\'>cave</span> variable is equal to <span class=\'m\'>\'3\'</span>, both parts of the condition are <span class=\'m\'>True</span>, so the loop\'s condition is <span class=\'m\'>True</span> and we enter the loop again.", 22:"<h1>Notes</h1>We ask the player to enter a cave number again.", 23:"<h1>Notes</h1>Let\'s pretend the player entered 2.", 24:"<h1>Notes</h1>Because cave is not equal to <span class=\'m\'>\'1\'</span> but is equal to <span class=\'m\'>\'2\'</span>, this expression becomes <span class=\'m\'>True and False</span>, which evaluates to <span class=\'m\'>False</span>. (The <span class=\'m\'>and</span> operator requires both sides to be <span class=\'m\'>True</span> in order to evalute to <span class=\'m\'>True</span>).", 25:"<h1>Notes</h1>We skip past the loop, and for the return value of this function call, we return the string <span class=\'m\'>\'2\'</span>.", 26:"<h1>Notes</h1>When we leave a function, the variables in the function\'s local scope are forgotten and destroyed. Now we call the <span class=\'m\'>checkCave()</span> function.", 27:"<h1>Notes</h1><span class=\'m\'>chosenCave</span> is a parameter for this function, and will be assigned the value in <span class=\'m\'>caveNumber</span> (which was the argument when this function was called).", 29:"<h1>Notes</h1>This call to the <span class=\'m\'>time.sleep()</span> function will cause the program to pause for 2 seconds.", 35:"<h1>Notes</h1>We make a call to <span class=\'m\'>random.randint()</span> to have it randomly return a <span class=\'m\'>1</span> or a <span class=\'m\'>2</span>, which is stored in the local variable, <span class=\'m\'>friendlyCave</span>. Let\'s pretend the value randomly selected was <span class=\'m\'>2</span>.", 36:"<h1>Notes</h1>The return value of the <span class=\'m\'>str(friendlyCave)</span> call was the string <span class=\'m\'>\'2\'</span>, which is equal to the stirng stored in <span class=\'m\'>chosenCave</span>. That makes the condition evaluate to <span class=\'m\'>True</span>.", 37:"<h1>Notes</h1>The player has won the treasure!", 38:"<h1>Notes</h1>Again, now that the execution has moved out of the function, all the local variables are destroyed. Now we ask the player if she wants to play again.", 39:"<h1>Notes</h1>Let\'s pretend the player typed in y.", 40:"<h1>Notes</h1>The right side of the <span class=\'m\'>or</span> operator evaluates to <span class=\'m\'>True</span>, which makes the entire condition evaluate to <span class=\'m\'>True</span>. We enter the <span class=\'m\'>while</span> loop again.", 53:"<h1>Notes</h1>Let\'s pretend the player enters 1.", 56:"<h1>Notes</h1>The value of <span class=\'m\'>caveNumber</span> was changed to the return value of the function call to <span class=\'m\'>chooseCave() (which was <span class=\'m\'>\'1\'</span>). Now we call <span class=\'m\'>checkCave()</span>, passing <span class=\'m\'>caveNumber</span>\'s value as the argument.", 65:"<h1>Notes</h1>This time, let\'s pretend the random integer returned by <span class=\'m\'>randint()</span> was <span class=\'m\'>1</span>.", 66:"<h1>Notes</h1>This condition evaluates to <span class=\'m\'>False</span>.", 67:"<h1>Notes</h1>Because the <span class=\'m\'>if</span> statement\'s condition was <span class=\'m\'>False</span>, we will execute the code in the else-block. The player has been eaten.", 69:"<h1>Notes</h1>Let\'s say the player is tired of playing this game, and she enters n.", 70:"<h1>Notes</h1>Since neither side of the <span class=\'m\'>or</span> operator evaluates the <span class=\'m\'>True</span>, the entire condition evaluates to <span class=\'m\'>False</span>. So we skip past the while-block.", 71:"<h1>Notes</h1>There are no more lines of code to execute, so the program terminates.\n\n"};
DragonOutputViewData = {
1:"<h1>Output</h1>", 11:"You are on a planet full of dragons. In front of you,<br/>", 12:"you see two caves. In one cave, the dragon is friendly<br/>", 13:"and will share his treasure with you. The other dragon<br/>", 14:"is greedy and hungry, and will eat you on sight.<br/>", 15:"<br/>", 20:"Which cave will you go into? (1 or 2)<br/>", 21:"<font color=\"000000\">3</font><br/>", 23:"Which cave will you go into? (1 or 2)<br/>", 24:"<font color=\"000000\">2</font><br/>", 29:"You approach the cave...<br/>", 31:"It is dark and spooky...<br/>", 33:"A large dragon jumps out in front of you! He opens his jaws and...<br/>", 34:"<br/>", 38:"Gives you his treasure!<br/>", 39:"Do you want to play again? (yes or no)<br/>", 40:"<font color=\"000000\">y</font><br/>", 44:"You are on a planet full of dragons. In front of you,<br/>", 45:"you see two caves. In one cave, the dragon is friendly<br/>", 46:"and will share his treasure with you. The other dragon<br/>", 47:"is greedy and hungry, and will eat you on sight.<br/>", 48:"<br/>", 53:"Which cave will you go into? (1 or 2)<br/>", 54:"<font color=\"000000\">1</font><br/>", 59:"You approach the cave...<br/>", 61:"It is dark and spooky...<br/>", 63:"A large dragon jumps out in front of you! He opens his jaws and...<br/>", 64:"<br/>", 68:"Gobbles you down in one bite!<br/>", 69:"Do you want to play again? (yes or no)<br/>", 70:"<font color=\"000000\">n</font><br/>"};
var viewObjDragonSourceCode = new TraceyTextListView('DragonSourceCode', DragonSourceCodeViewData, DragonSourceCodeStepOrder);
var viewObjDragonVariables = new TraceyTextMultispanView('DragonVariables', DragonVariablesViewData);
var viewObjDragonNotes = new TraceyTextSimpleView('DragonNotes', DragonNotesViewData);
var viewObjDragonOutput = new TraceyTextAppendScrollView('DragonOutput', DragonOutputViewData);
var traceyTextFCP = new TraceyTextFloatingControlPanel('traceyTextFCP', 'mainTraceyTextObj');