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  • Download pre-trained model . Replace the models folder with this folder. Download preprocessed dataset . Replace the data folder with this folder.

  • Run the chatbot. Open a terminal session and run python3

  • Provide your own training data. Training data should be one or more newline-delimited text files. Each line of dialogue should begin with "> " and end with a newline. You'll need a lot of it. Several megabytes of uncompressed text is probably the minimum, and even that may not suffice if you want to train a large model. Text can be provided as raw .txt files or as bzip2-compressed (.bz2) files.

Train your own model

  • Train. Use to train the model. The default hyperparameters are the best that I've found, and are what I used to train the pre-trained model for a couple of months. These hyperparameters will just about fill the memory of a GTX 1080 Ti GPU (11 GB of VRAM), so if you have a smaller GPU, you will need to adjust them accordingly (for example, set --num_blocks to 2).

    Training can be interrupted with crtl-c at any time, and will immediately save the model when interrupted. Training can be resumed on a saved model and will automatically carry on from where it was interrupted.

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