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Blogly is an open-source desktop application for bloggers and content writers. It is a cross-platform application and could be compiled on any platform that supports Electron desktop application framework.

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Why Blogly?

Blogly was developed since there was no free and reliable popular blogging tools, particularly for Blogger, that was available at the time of development. Also, most of the software available at the time of development lacked the stability and various features that were essential for a content creator to aid in various stages of drafting to publishing.

Blogly has also enabled the author(s) to meaningfully contribute towards open source community and free software ecosystem.

Download Blogly

Blogly application could be downloaded directly from Github. For downloads, one can visit the Blogly releases page and download the appropriate binaries for their respective operating system.

Blogly 1.0.0.beta.1 Blogly version 1.0.0.beta.1 running on MacOX Catalina


Blogly - License

Licensed under BSD 3-Clause License.

Copyright © 2019-2020, Aswin Rajeev
All rights reserved.