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dotears:Scalable, consistent DAG estimation using observational and interventional data

This repository is the official implementation of dotears:Scalable, consistent DAG estimation using observational and interventional data.


This repository uses snakemake for reproducible workflows. For installation, see the snakemake installation instructions.

Environment .yml files are stored in ./workflow/envs. Each method is run with std.yml, unless they are given a separate (named) .yml file in ./workflow/envs, i.e. dcdi.yml.


To run the experiments in the paper, run this command:


A configuration for cluster engines is given in config/cluster.json. For execution on your specific cluster, see snakemake's guidelines on cluster execution.

Experimental data is contained in ./data/. Data for two and three node simulations is contained in ./data/small, while data for large random graphs is in the folders ./data/p50*.

Real Data

Real data experiments have been added in ./gwps. Some analyses may require external files from either stringdb and/or the Genome-Wide Perturb-Seq


The folder ./config gives the global configuration file ./config/config.yml, which includes the path to the lambda grid for cross validation as well as alpha and alphainv. alpha and alphainv are parameters for running UT-IGSP and IGSP, and does not have any relation to $\alpha$ in the paper.

The folder ./config/simulation_configs gives simulation parameter details for both small (2, 3 node DAG) simulations in ./config/simulation_configs/small_sims_config.yml, as well as large random simulations in ./config/simulation_configs/standard_sims_config.yml. In these files, 'a' represents $\alpha$ in the paper.

Data Format

Simulated data are generated by workflow/scripts/, and come as .npz files. These are dictionary-like objects, where the key is a string mapped to a $n_k$ by $p$ matrix, and represents an intervention on the node int(key). The special key 'obs' denotes observational matrices, while interventions are 0-indexed, i.e. 0 to $p-1$. Inferred adjacency matrices are output as .npy files.

Data to run DCDI-G is formatted differently (see workflow/scripts/


For convenience, the standard dotears script has been provided at ./ To train dotears, run this command (see workflow/rules/standard.smk for cross-validation run on separate data instance)

python --data {path-to-npz-data-file} --lambda1 {regularization-parameter} --out {path-to-npy-output}


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