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music visualizer written in Processing
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Title: Visualize
Date Started: Mar 2012
Last Modified: Apr 2012
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 License.
(Attribution - NonCommerical - ShareAlike)

In summary, you are free to copy, distribute, edit, and remix the work.
Under the conditions that you attribute the work to the author, it is for
noncommercial purposes, and if you build upon this work or otherwise alter
it, you may only distribute the resulting work under this license.

Of course, these permissions may be waived with permission from the author.

Visualize is a music visualization template written in Processing.  The goal is leverage the accessibility of Processing to allow the easy development of intricate, music-reactive visuals.  The program currently uses Minim to do audio analysis and then outputs visuals that have parameters based off of the FFT spectrum.  It also utilizes themidibus to allow for the use of midi controllers to manually control visuals.  As is, Visualize serves as a low-cost VJ toolkit that can produce professional-quality visuals.

Note that the framework here in under heavy construction; however, I thought it was better to get it out sooner than later for other people to play with while I clean up the code and try to make it more modular.

The visualizer is currently set up to be controller with a KORG nanoKONTROL; however, you can use the midiControllerTest.pde to map any midi controller.  Just run the midiControllerTest.pde in Processing, and in the standard output you'll see a list of midi controllers.  Set the 'controllerIn' and 'controllerOut' variables to the name of the controllers, and run the program again.  Whenever you press a button on your midi controller, Processing spits out the mapping for you.  Then just map to your heart's content!

themidibus (
minim (comes with Processing!)

===List of Tested Hardware===
Numark DJ2GO
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