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Async Library - Asynchronous UI Components

Async Library is a framework for building UI components with asynchronous data needs. It defines the essential asynchronous state machine and properties. It aims to handle various use cases, implemented as core features or through integrations. It builds on React Async, but avoids coupling to a specific UI library or state management solution.

This repo exists to discuss and build the future version of React Async and react-async-hook. Async Library is the overarching project where these will come together.

We are looking for collaborators. Join the chat on Discord.

Project goals:

  • Create a unified package to serve as a replacement for react-async, react-async-hook, react-hooks-async and others.
  • Implement this in such a way that it can be easily extended to cover additional use cases and libraries.
  • The core should not care about the UI library (React, Vue, Svelte) or state management (Redux, Mobx, Vuex).
  • Integrations will provide idiomatic APIs for various UI libraries, state managers and data fetching libraries.

See issues for topics under discussion.