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React Async codemods

These codemods enable you to automatically upgrade your codebase to handle breaking changes in React Async's API.


Be aware: codemods transform your source code in place. Make sure that your files are in version control before running a codemod.

These codemods come without warranty. They will work fine most of the time, but you should always verify their output. Also, do not run a codemod more than once.

Running a codemod

These codemods are based on jscodeshift. Refer to their docs for specifics.

npx jscodeshift <target_dir> -t <transform_script>

Where <target_dir> should be replaced with the path to your project's source directory and <transform_script> should be replaced by the URL of the codemod.

For example:

npx jscodeshift . -t

This will apply the codemod for v6 to the current working directory (.).

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